The Pick and Pop Diaries Introduction

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally the right time to start an NBA blog. The 2012-2013 season has the right amount of story lines for story time from yours truly. More important, I am pretty sure if I don’t do this now, I never will. So Why Pick and Pop as the one? One, it’s catchy. Two, it was a staple in the game of my favorite player of all time, Larry Legend. Larry Bird was introduced to me by my father at the young age of three when he told me the words “Brian, that is the best basketball player that will ever be associated with the city of Boston. Period. If you want to take your game seriously, watch him.” And Oh did I. And not just the Larry which slowly deteriorated right in front of our eyes in the early 90’s, but and Indiana State game, any early 80’s game, and of course the classic Showtime Lakers matchups I could get my hands on before the age of the internet. Had the internet been around when I was first introduced to Larry, I probably would not have graduated elementary school. I may be one of the only people who has “Bird Stole The Ball” as a google alert towards his e-mail, because I almost require myself to read anything written about that play.

Obviously, having grown up in a suburb of Boston, I have grown into an extremely irrational New England sports fan, and more specifically, and completely irrational and emotional Boston Celtics fan. While my biases may show through at times, I will also be the first to tell you I am on the side of people who think Kobe can be considered better than Michael(which I am sure I will get to at one point), and that (cringing) Lebron James is the most exciting player on the planet to watch.(Note: Cheering for Lebron and Co. at the Olympics this year felt wrong for all of about five minutes. Then they started playing at levels of basketball that simply made it impossible, and frankly, unamerican to cheer for. The 2008 & 2012 Spain Finals rank up there on two of my favorite basketball games ever watched, and neither had Celtics in them.) I will make sure to give due where due is…due; and will also make sure to go doo-doo on those that deserve it as well.

Since becoming a League Pass subscriber in the past few years, my knowledge of the game has increased to the point of, well, embarressing. But at the same time, I can honestly say I have probably watched close to 1000 games in the past three seasons. I plan on increasing the number of games I watch this year, to enhance the blog and make sure I can actually speak on forgotten teams like the Blazers.(The poor Blazers.)

While during the next week I will be previewing every team, as well as telling you who I think will be making the playoffs, making the finals, and etching their name in history when all is said and done in June, we will be following a bit of a format as the year starts(starting with the night before the Celts/Heat on Tuesday, October 30th). Here is the format I have decided on:

Monday-Weekly Power Rankings
-Looking at the past week and ranking all of the NBA teams to how the past week of the season has gone.

Tuesday- Fantasy Update
-Taking some time to discuss hot weekly pickups, guys that you need to say bye-bye too, and some possible trade scenarios for your “championship” squad.

Wednesday- What If’s?
-Going back into a particular game during the week, and breaking down a certain situation which had it gone differently could have changed the fortune of the game, and possibly the season.

Thursday-30 Thirsty Thursday Spot Thoughts
-Throughout the week, I find myself thinking of small points that I feel the need to tell anyone, but simply aren’t long enough to fill out a full blog spot. I usually end up with about 25-30 of these, and plan on putting them down in here for everyone to respond too.

Friday- Rewards Race
-Taking all of the Rewards races (MVP, ROY, Most Improved, COY, DOP) and ranking the contenders 1-5. Until the All-Star break as well, I will be giving you who I think should be making the squad. Hint on this, Jeremy Lin will not be on that list despite the fact that he will start.

Saturday- Statistics
-You will quickly learn I am big on diving into numbers and finding arguments through them. With all of the advanced statistics out there these days, It can be mind numbing to work with them everyday. I figure without my real job getting in the way on Saturdays, I can break out some good numbers with whatever the hot topic is going on.

Sunday-LIVE! I will pick one game every Sunday(most likely the afternoon ABC/ESPN game because it will be between some top dogs) to live blog and then post on the site. I feel it is the best way to discuss instant analysis.

While other things will pop up on the site throughout the year, you will be able to count on these posts everyday until it all wraps up in early summer time with a party on the Duck Boats.(Like I said, I am going to try to be unbiased. I kid, I kid.)

I also plan on finding some new bloggers to join me on the site, and letting them run their own style into the workings to where people can get a good variety of what people have to offer.

Tomorrow look forward to the 30-20 preseason team rankings, as well as a few other tidbits.

In the meantime, follow @PickNPopDiaries on twitter or e-mail me at pickandpopdiaries@gmail with any questions, would love to start doing a mailbag as well.

And with that, I will leave you with how I will leave you with all my blog posts; A sweet basketball related youtube clip.



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