Our Newest Blogger Evan makes his debut to the blog!

We are excited to introduce Evan to the blog as another writer who will be bringing you NBA news. Evan will be writing about all things, but will especially give us insight come NBA draft time as well as discussing the contracts and new collective bargaining agreements. To start things off, Evan has given us some quick thoughts coming into the season. You can follow evan at @EvanTime. Once we start our podcasting within the next month, expect to see Evan as a visitor as well.

Evan’s Random Thoughts/Predictions coming into the NBA season:

1. This is going to be one of the most competitive seasons in recent memory. Only Orlando and Charlotte look like sure fire doormats (although the Bobcats will be greatly improved from last year).

2. While this rookie class does not scream superstar, it will prove to be one of the deepest as far as producing rotation players.

3. After years of being a consistently down division the Atlantic becomes the best in basketball.

4. Without James Harden, Russell Westbrook will take even more ill-advised shots and it will hurt the Thunder.

5. Houston will be a playoff team, after trading for Josh Smith before the deadline.

6. Al Jefferson and/or Paul Milsap will be traded after Derrick Favors emerges as a dependable starter, making at least one of them expendable.

7. The second team in the Atlantic division will not come from the state of New York. Philadelphia will ride defense and size to the four seed. Philly fans will somehow still find a reason to boo the Sixers.
8. The Lakers will trick some poor team into strengthening their bench via a trade where they don’t give up anything of value (some things never change).
9. Lebron James will play more power forward than he ever has before and take a beating in the post because of it.

10. Teams with elite size will be the Achilles heel of the Heat.

11. Derrick Rose will come back quicker and with less restrictions than any player with a similar injury before him (or maybe I was just tricked by that awesome Addidas commercial).

12. Brooklyn will hurt because of their lack of rebounding and defense. I will hear Kris Humphries be booed and continue to be shocked by the overlap between NBA fans and Keeping up with the Kardashian fans.

13. Dallas will be selling off assets in an effort to become a free agent player next offseason.

14. The new flopping rule will take more than a year to change the game but will be the first step in removing flopping from the game. Manu Ginobili will end up operating at a loss for the year.

15. MVP: Lebron

16. MIP: Jeff Green

17. Rookie of the Year: MKG

18. Coach of the Year: Tom Thibideaux

19. East Standings: 1. Miami 2. Boston 3. Indiana 4. Philadelphia 5. Chicago 6. New York 7. Brooklyn 8.Washington.

20. Yes, you read that correctly Washington will be the last playoff team John Wall will flourish with dependable veterans around him.

21. West Standings: 1. LA Lakers 2. Oklahoma City 3. San Antonio 4. LA Clippers 5. Denver 6. Minnesota 7. Memphis 8. Houston.

22. Sacramento will trade Tyreke Evans for a point guard who will at least entertain the idea of passing the ball.

23. A lot of teams will be sellers, come trade deadline time in an effort to avoid the punitive tax in the new collective bargaining agreement. Fans will enjoy hearing billionaires complain about losing money.

24. Paul George will become the undisputed best player on the Pacers.

25. The Raptors will be greatly improved, and all five of their fans will have renewed hope.

26. The New York Knicks will either be portrayed as the best team in the league or completely awful with no in-between. Knicks fans will continue to be insufferable.

27. Andrew Bogut will finally be healthy. Warriors fans will boo the owner anyway.

28. NBA players will tweet numerous stupid comments that they will be fined for. All of them will be entertaining.

29. Phoenix will not be good. Gortat will suffer greatly from the loss of Steve Nash.

30. Tobias Harris will be one of the better players in the league no one has heard of.
Look forward to some Fantasy talk later today, but until then here is an awesome NBA youtube clip!
(Oh Javale, you slay me.)


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