Lakers Choose D’Antoni as Next Coach

In a somewhat surprising move, The Lakers have decided to pass on Phil Jackson’s zen-like presence and instead hire former Suns and Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni.  D’Antoni, who is known for his uptempo style of offense, will certainly help to make the Lakers a more exciting product to watch, however I question on passing on one of the greatest coaches of all time.

“I can’t believe they went with me over Phil”

I believe it came down to Phil wanting too much control and not, as Lakers management is saying, that they preferred D’Antoni.  The Lakers will be great regardless of who is coaching them as they have an immensely talented roster offensively and Dwight Howard clogging the lane to make up for any deficiencies on defense.  Will they win the title this year? Only time will tell, but I think not (wishful thinking). 


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