When does Detroit get their first win?

(It has been a bit of a struggle for the Pistons to say the least.)

We have been poking fun as of late when talking about the Detroit Pistons struggles. Along with an 0-8 record, here are a few stats that accompany the Piston’s slow start.

Points Per Game: 91.3 (25th out of 30 teams)
Points Allowed Per Game: 101.5 (25th out of 30 teams)
Rebounds Per Game: 37.6 (29th out of 30 teams)
Field Goal %: .419 (23rd out of 30 teams)
Differential: -10.2 (30th out of 30 teams)
Opponents Field Goal %: .460 (24th out of 30 teams)

While the Pistons actually rank in the top half of the league in forced turnovers, team turnovers, and assist to turnover ratio, their isn’t much else that you can say that is positive about this team. Stuckey and Knight have been very underwhelming, Greg Monroe can get any help from his teammates or the referees, and they look lost on defense as a team. So looking ahead at the schedule, where does Detroit get their first win? We take a look at their next 5 games and

 Wednesday @ Philadelphia:
-Don’t see this happening. Playing a team quicker, better defensively on the road who has wins over the Celtics and Nuggets? Probably not. Plus, I don’t see either Piston’s guard being able to keep with either Holliday’s speed or handle Turner’s physical nature. 

Friday vs. Orlando:
-This is probably Detroit’s best chance at a win in the next five games. Orlando has looked awful of late, and is playing the Knicks tonight. The problem however, is that Orlando doesn’t play another game until this Friday matchup. With three days rest, this is an Orlando team that has shown it can get hot against poor defenses(see above stats). If Detroit doesn’t begin to improve their exterior D, the Magic could shoot the Pistons right out of the building.

Sunday vs Boston:
-If you think I’m picking against the Celtics you’re crazy. Here is exactly what will happen: The Celtics will go up 20, settle into a groove, allow the Pistons to get back in the game late, and then Rajon Rondo will once again realize he’s by far the best player on the court and take over the game. Rondo could easily drop 15+ assists on this defense.

Wednesday @ Orlando:
-It is very difficult to beat a team twice when the games are close. The Pistons however, have lost their road games by an average of 11 points(including the 29 points blowout against the Lakers). It will be tough to pick this team all year on the road unless they are playing the likes of the Wizards, Bobcats, or Raptors. Wait a minute….

Friday vs. Toronto:
-If the Pistons haven’t picked up a win yet, this is their best chance to do so. A Friday night home game against a Raptors team who could still be without Kyle Lowry(reports today indicated no return date) and is just as bad defensively(Opponents shooting .470 against them). Beyond that, there isn’t a big man in Toronto that can defend Greg Monroe if he plays up to his potential. They should win this game.

If they can’t pick up a win here, it could be a long road ahead. Their next five games are at New York, home against Portland and Phoenix, and then on the road against Memphis and Dallas.  It is very realistic that you could see the Pistons at 2-16 or 3-15 after these games are played. Sorry, Detroit.

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