Power Rankings: Week 5

Thanksgiving gluttony is over, and it’s time to get back to work. Here are your delayed Week 5 Power Rankings.

(I’ve used this picture before, but it‘s too good. Just some Memphis bros tearing through the league.)

1. Memphis Grizzlies 10-2
-The Grizzlies have wins over the Lakers, Knicks, Heat and Thunder. Even scarier, you could make the case that they should have won both games that they lost.

2. San Antonio Spurs 12-3
-Injuries to starter Kwahi Leonard and 6th man Stephen Jackson? Nahh, that doesn’t phase the Spurs. They are 4-1 since the injuries.

3. Miami Heat 10-3
-In a year in which the other superstar team is creating all the headlines, the Heat are quietly going about their business in the East. Well see if that undefeated home record is for real when the Spurs roll into town tomorrow.

4. Brooklyn Nets 9-4
-The battle for New York went to the Nets. This once awful defense hasn’t allowed 90 in the past three games, including the OT win over the Knicks and their high powers offense.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder 11-4
-You know Durant and Westbrook circled tonight’s game against the Rockets the day Harden got traded. While all eyes will be on Harden, don’t be surprised to see Westbrook prove it was the right move too.

6. New York Knicks 9-4
-All of the sudden, the Knicks are 1-3 in the last four, with only a home win against lowly Detroit. Teams might finally be realizing you need to defend the perimeter on this team.

7. Atlanta Hawks 8-4
-Remember these guys? They haven’t played a nationally televised game yet, but that’s not stopping them from having five guys average double digits.

8. Philadelphia 76ers 9-6
 -The Sixers should have been crushed by the news that Andrew Bynum cared more about the 7-10 split instead of the pick and roll. While a loss to Cleveland hurt, the close wins over Phoenix and Dallas shows this team has alot of fight.

9. LA Clippers 8-6
-Is Del Negro at risk? Four straight losses and rumors that Chris Paul is doing more coaching than Vinny might say yes. A win over the T-Wolves would certaintly help.

10. Milwaukee Bucks 7-5
-Down 27 to the Bulls, ON THE ROAD? That didn’t stop the Bucks’ bench from going on a 31-4 run and proving that this team is more than an early season fad. The Bucks’ last 42 points came from their bench.

11. Golden State Warriors 8-6
-It’s tough for this East coast blogger to see alot of Cali’s forgotten team. But the Harrison Barnes’ dunk was enough to get my attention. I guarantee no one had the Warriors in first in the Pacific after 15 games.

12. Boston Celtics 8-6
-The Celtics still don’t fully look like the team everyone is still expecting them to be. A win over the Thunder at home has to do loads for confidence for a team that didn’t have a signature win in the season yet.

13. Charlotte Bobcats 7-6
-Had I done the Power Rankings on Monday like usual, the Bobcats had a case for Top 10. Not after that game against OKC, though. Still, this team is no pushover on most nights, and could make a darkhorse run in a weaker East.

(Meet the future of Charlotte. It looks alot bright in the past couple of weeks.)

14. Utah Jazz 8-7
-The Jazz have won four out of the last five, with their only loss coming on a back to back on the road against Sacramento. A nice turnover for a team looking to prove they can make the next step.

15. Denver Nuggets 8-7
-The Nuggets don’t quite look comfortable in their own skin, despite being 2nd in the league in rebounds at almost 48 a game. Andre Iguodala needs to prove he can be a clutch scorer or else this team could be searching for answers late in games.

16. Indiana Pacers 7-8
-Indiana may have finally gotten the big win they needed, even if it is over a Lakers’ team still searching for their own. George “clutch” Hill is proving he isn’t scared of the big moment.

17. Houston Rockets 7-7
-Tonight’s game against the Thunder will show the true colors of this team, and how well James Harden can handle a big moment.

18. LA Lakers 7-8
-It is obviously a long way to go, but is their a chance Kobe leaves town is the Lakers didn’t get out of the first round, or even worse, miss the playoffs?

(This has been one of the few smiling moments in LA thus far.)

19. Minnesota Timberwolves 6-7
-Now that the T-Wolves have gotten their first win with Kevin Love, they can put a five game losing streak behind them. If they want to be a playoff team, that can’t happen again.

20. Dallas Mavericks 7-8
-Carlisle benching two of his starters in Philadelphia let us all know that he isn’t happy with what is happening so far. Is an older Dirk going to make it any better in Cubanland?

21. Chicago Bulls 6-7
-The 27 point collapse says it all about this team. They are missing their closer, and he’s not replaceable. They just didn’t think they needed a 27 point closer. 

22. Phoenix Suns 7-8
-The most boring team in the NBA continues to be that, just average. I’m getting really sick about writing about this team.

(God even he looks bored.)

23. Portland Trailblazers 6-8
-Nicholas Batum and Damian Lillard have come back to earth a bit, and therefore the Blazers have too. It gets a little easier against the Wizards tonight.

24. Orlando Magic 5-8
-The Magic are falling into a lose two, win one kind of season. It might be in their best interest to bottom out with this average roster.

25. Sacramento Kings 4-10
-All of the sudden, the Kings look competent with home wins over the Lakers and Jazz. Maybe their is a future here?

26. New Orleans Hornets 4-10
-While the Anthony Davis show has had alot of intermissions due to injuries, Ryan Anderson is proving that he is also a major part of the future of this team. With Austin Rivers looking as fearless as he was in college, the future looks alot brighter in NOLA.

27. Detroit Pistons 4-11
-How about Detroit basketball?! Wins over the Sixers, Celtics and Trailblazers show their is some life in this previously offense-less roster. Maybe I should run a “when will the Celtics win 60 games?” column.

28. Toronto Raptors 3-12
-The Raptors can’t seem to put a fourth quarter together. They have already lost six leads going into the fourth quarter.

29. Cleveland Cavaliers 3-12
-The Kyrie Irving injury sucks for the Cavs, for the league, for my league pass account, and for the city of Cleveland. Who are they going to cheer for now, Brandon Weeden?

30. Washington Wizards 0-11
-Last time I checked they were winning in the 2nd quarter. Otherwise I would have ranked them 31st.

Until next time, here is your NBA youtube Clip!



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