The New Orleans… Pelicans?

The New Orleans Hornets in an effort to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents have announced they will change their name to the Pelicans. Tom Benson who also owns the New Orleans Saints pushed for the name change since he owns the rights to the Pelicans.

Reached for a quote Benson stated “the Pelican is known as the fiercest and most vicious species in the animal kingdom. We wanted to get away from our team name being a small innocuous bug to a large powerful bird.”

When pressed Benson gave the real reason “Fine! It’s because a few years back I bought the naming rights to the New Orleans Pelicans and didn’t want my investment to go to waste. That and we could convince some poor sap to pay for the Hornets name. In the end is purely a financial decision” Benson said while wearing his favorite top hat and monocle.

All right maybe those quotes are made up, but I’m not sure how I could write an article on a team name change without jazzing it up a little. Like all name changes my first reaction was dislike because no one likes change. Within a few years I will not be able to think of New Orleans as anything other than the Hornets. In all seriousness it probably makes more sense that the NO basketball team use the mascot of their state bird instead of something that makes completely no sense (for example the Jazz being Utah’s team despite that type of music not being allowed in the state).

The team also mentioned that they plan on changing the colors from teal and purple to red gold and navy blue. I’m going to comment on this to the extent my fashion knowledge will allow, the new colors are probably better.

All this information except for the fictitious quotes were gathered from and @SpearsNBAYahoo who was the first person I saw mention it on my twitter feed (hard hitting reporting I know)


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