8 Pieces of Evidence from the NBA that the World in Ending

Well, it looks as though those Mayans were wrong. Damn! Really, thought they had it this time. It didn’t come up without suspicious theories, however. Here was some evidence from the NBA that the world might have been ending.

(Sorry Mark, because the world didn‘t end, your team still has to deal with that defeat last night.)

1. The Los Angeles Clippers currently own the longest winning streak in the NBA.

2. The Los Angeles Lakers currently have a better point differential than the teams who are ranked 5th-8th in West, and 3-8 in East, yet they find themselves 12th in the West. 

3. Ryan Anderson is currently scoring more PPG than Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Blake Griffin, Zach Randolph and Tim Duncan.

(Ryan Anderson, scoring machine and Pelican look-a-like.)

4. Greivis Vazquez is currently 5th in the league in assists on a team that is 5-20.

5. Javale McGee is currently 7th in the league in PER, and Andre Blatche is right behind in 8th. Yes, that’s right, those two guys are currently in the top 10 of consistency in basketball right now.

6. According to reports from Deadspin, the Raptors would have said no to a trade where they would have gotten Amare Stoudemire for Andrea Bargnani. Yes, I understand the contracts. But, STILL.

7. Jeremy Lin is only a few thousand votes behind Chris Paul in All-Star voting. I think the two should play one-on-one to show who the better player is.

8. The Wizards currently have the highest scoring bench in the NBA, yet they have the worst record.

To me, reason number five is more than enough to rethink about building that boat. Remember, Javale Mcgee is the name person who did this:


Good luck out there!


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