Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are Winning Christmas Day Commercials

Laughs. Long lost family members. 25 cent horse rides. Free donuts. Sweet red jump suits. Sweet mustaches. Blue. Living room basketball. I go back and forth. Since when did the LA Clippers become so awesome at EVERYTHING!

 (Anything you can do I can do better….)

Let us know who you think is better in the comments:

Blake Griffin and his younger self share a moment in the arcade in 1999, but not before listening to the sweet sounds of Eiffel 65:

Chris Paul and Cliff Paul. Separated at birth. Joined in assisting others. Move over Aaron Rodgers, their is a new sheriff in town at State Farm.
Imagine if they did a joint commercial about putting insurance on a new car!? MIND. BLOWN.
You’re welcome State Farm and Kia.


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