Week 10 Power Rankings

1. Los Angeles Clippers: 25-7, 9-1
During the Clippers 17 game win streak, Blake Griffin shot above 50% from the field in all of the games. While this team has no identity(read a great piece by the Daily Dime here), maybe they don’t need one. 17 wins is 17 wins. (BF)

2. Oklahoma City Thunder: 24-6, 8-2 
The Thunder would be widely considered the best team if LAC wasn’t on a historic run. They have shown their championship meddle and will continue to improve with their young core. (EJ)

(Reggie Jackson has given the Thunder yet another boost off the bench.)

3. Miami Heat: 21-8, 7-3 
-The Heat have somehow stayed out of the headlines with two of their west rivals stealing the show. Expect them to shoot back into it with games against Dallas and Chicago this week. (BF)

4. San Antonio Spurs: 25-8, 7-3
This team has some of the greatest offensive balance of any NBA team in the league. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli continue to play at a high level on scaled back minutes. Second in points and third in point differential, this team is a beast. (AL)
5. Golden State Warriors: 21-10, 7-3 
-With every win, the Warriors are becoming more battle tested for the playoffs. It’s a complete reflection of Mark Jackson’s tough guy mentality that this team is 4th in rebounds without their star center. (BF)

6. New York Knicks: 21-10, 5-5 
An injury to point guard Raymond Felton will hurt; can they weather the six weeks without him by leaning on extra minutes from Jason Kidd? This team continues to rely heavily on the three point shot, but for now they are falling. (AL)
7. Atlanta Hawks: 20-10, 6-4
-The Hawks are putting themselves in contention for a three or four seed in the East with other contenders failing. The question always remains, what do they do with it? (BF)

8. Memphis Grizzlies: 19-9, 5-5
The Grizz need to continue slowing the game down and letting there bigs do work on the interior. I need to see Marc Gasol play better after the team has lost 2 of its past 3. (AL)
9. Indiana Pacers: 18-13, 8-2
Indiana was able to win their brawl of a contest against Memphis this past week. They have shown all season that they are elite rebounders and defenders. The question remains can they score enough? (EJ)

(The Pacers could really use Granger’s scoring right about now.)

10. Houston Rockets: 17-14, 7-3
Houston has lost back to back games, but is playing well winning 5 in a row before the losses. James Harden is playing great basketball and Omer Asik is strengthening his case for most improved player of the year. (AL)
11. Chicago Bulls: 16-13, 5-5
-As the season lets on we are seeing the Bulls miss Derick Rose more and more. Their offense is based on execution not elite scoring. This means that their offense has a higher degree of difficulty, which is what you have seen in recent losses. (EJ)

12. Milwaukee Bucks: 16-13, 6-4
-The Bucks have shown great offensive strength throughout the season. But can this team beat the best when the game is slowed down come playoff time? (EJ)

13. Denver Nuggets: 18-15, 7-3
-The Nuggets have played a ruthless schedule on the road. Since when did the Nugs piss someone off in the NBA office? (BF)

14. Portland Trailblazers: 16-14, 8-2

-Portland has a very good starting five and no bench at all. If they are going to make a playoff push I look for them to be one of the more active teams in trade talk. (EJ)

15. Minnesota Timberwolves: 14-13, 6-4

-The Timberwolves are around a .500 team without Ricky Rubio. With a healthy Rubio they are a much better team. The question is if they can get enough of a healthy Rubio to get in the playoffs playing their best ball. (EJ)

16. Los Angeles Lakers: 15-16, 6-4
-Kobe claims the Lakers are old, and that is why they are struggling. The excuses are getting pretty old for the fans in purple and gold as well. (BF)

17. Brooklyn Nets: 16-15, 4-6

Firing Avery Johnson won’t solve the Net’s issues. Listen to our podcast and you will know, but I put this on Deron Williams, who continues to play poorly.  This team can be dangerous but right now no one is fearing them, even after winning both games of the new PJ Carlesimo regime. (AL)

(Okay Deron, is this going to work?)

18. Philadelphia 76ers: 15-17, 3-7
They have lost 8 of 10 and looked horrible in doing so. Andrew Bynum needs to get healthy if this team wants to make the playoffs. (AL)
19. Utah Jazz: 15-17, 3-7
This team is either playing under their capabilities or is just not very good. Either, way it seems times to give Favors and Kanter more minutes. Expect Jefferson and/or Milsap to be moved, especially with the Jazz playing so poorly. (EJ)
20. Boston Celtics: 14-16, 3-7
Disappointing losses to both the Clippers and Golden State have left this team under 500. Maybe they can grab a win tonight against the Kings, but this team needs to turn it around soon. The return of Avery Bradley when they return from the west coast should help. (AL)

21. Dallas Mavericks: 13-19, 2-8
Dirk is back but he is not curing all this teams’ ails. OJ Mayo continues to play well, but the rest of the group lacks consistency. Darren Collison may have had the play of the year with his one footed three to force OT, but they lost anyways. (AL)

22. Toronto Raptors: 11-20, 7-3
Toronto has won 7 of 8 and has turned around their season. Demar Derozan looked great the past couple weeks. They may pass Phili in the Atlantic if both teams continue in there current directions. (AL)
23. Orlando Magic: 12-19, 4-6
-The Magic have really been hurting since Glen Davis went down to injury. Even with Arron Afflalo dropping 26 and 28 in games last week, this team couldn’t break the slide and has now lost six in a row. (BF) 

(Arron Afflalo has quite a heavier load on his shoulders these days.)

24. Detroit Pistons: 12-22, 5-5
With Drummond coming along quicker than anyone thought he would the future now seems extremely bright for the Pistons. Right now Drummond is only playing 20 minutes a game, this number will increase as the season goes along and the Celtics will be better for it. With Drummond, Monroe, and  Knight coming along the Pistons are the best of the basement. (EJ)
25. Sacramento Kings: 11-20, 4-6
-With the Cousins Scandal supposedly behind them(maybe), this team can try to get back to winning. As good as they looked against Boston, it’s tough to think they can stay that consistent, and Cousins can stay out of trouble. (BF)

26. Phoenix Suns: 11-21, 4-6
-Ohh the Suns. After losing a buzzer beater to the Knicks, they followed it up with three more losses on the road. This team is crashing, having lost six straight. (BF)

27. New Orleans Hornets: 7-24, 2-8
Eric Gordon is finally healthy and scored 24 points in 24 minutes in his debut. I can’t wait to see what this team does in January with a fully healthy roster. Davis and Gordon are the futures of this franchise. (AL)

28. Charlotte Bobcats: 8-23, 1-9
-They won! They won! Now the big step is where do they turn to prevent the next losing streaking from happening. (BF)

29. Cleveland Cavaliers: 7-25, 2-8
Tristan Thompson’s improved play might make trading Varejao more palpable. As the season move along I warm on the idea of Cleveland moving Varejao. AV is a good player who is on a light contract but by the time his contract is up Cleveland might not be a playoff team. (EJ)
30. Washington Wizards: 4-25, 1-9
-The Wizards currently don’t have anyone averaging over 16 points a game, anyone averaging over 8 rebounds a game, or anyone averaging over 5 assists a game. Thank god for RGIII. (BF)

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6 thoughts on “Week 10 Power Rankings

  1. steppling

    nice blog. Glad i found it. I would argue with a good list, Memphis needs to be higher. Denver , too. I dont believe in the clips. We’ll see if Im right going forward, but the bandwagon is full regards the clippers. I dont buy it. But……..OKC is a flawed team. Its not missing harden, but it IS the issues with westbrook. Right now if I had to pick a team Id say the Spurs. Griz second and Denver right there. I feel the same with the Knicks in the east. New York isnt going to last. They are too old, and carmelo isnt a guy you can ever count on. JRSmith wont last at this rate either. Indiana beat them last night (minus melo) but they’d win anyway, i think. Paul George is a monster now….and a scarier player than granger ever was. Lance Stephenson is finally delievering. They have a bench people heap abuse on, but thats only because they have to play Augustin. (personally id play benHans) but otherwise its a good bench. Now they orlando johnson in the mix. Watch out. So….lets see in three weeks…..see if new york is still playing over .500. I doubt it. Atlanta is a pretender, period. The Bucks are an enigma, but at least rotations will be more rational now. Larry Sanders is in the conversation for DOY. Boston? Are you guys seriously thinking boston has ANY chance? They dont. I think the Nets still might turn it around. And on the podcast you say Nets have no depth????????? Wrong. Look….stackhouse has been great, and now teletovic has his shot back. the problem…the ONLY problem for brooklyn, is Deron. If deron can recover some confidence, then brooklyn is a team who will finish ahead of new york.

    1. Andrew Lipson

      Great stuff here Steppling. What I would say first is that these are rankings as of the week they are released, we actually have more updated rankings on the blog currently, but this is based on how that team is playing to that point in the season, not neccessarily how they will finish. I agree with you NYK are flawed. They are very old and as we saw last night in Indi, this team cannot do anything offensively w/out Melo. JR Smith has been doing what he has done his whole career, which is, shoot a terrible fg %, but has a great ability to create his own shot. Also he’s very active offensively, constantly moving laterally in he on the permiter or going along the baseline if he is more than one pass away. I expect him to continue to do what he always has done and thatc create his own shot and shoot with a high rate of frequency with marginal results….OKC certainly has its flaws startingwith westbrook, and i am a person who is down on him often (for his shot selection, his style of running the offense), but the one thing he does do night in and night out is play good on ball defense……Indi is a good team and Paul George is certainly and up and coming star. You could always see the talent there with him, but this season he is using his length to not shoot over the smaller defender, but also hit the glass hard. Him and Granger will be a scary 2/3 combo. Augustin is awful, defensively, he couldn’t stop me right now (okay so he could, but you get my point)…. I agree about atlanta, a lot of talent, but no way they are for real. There best bet is to acquire pieces for the future…Larry Sanders is a beast, i had him really highly rated out of VCU and it has taken him a couple years now to show the promise i initially thought he had….I know it’s homerish, since i’m a bostonian, but you have to see this team play since 1)return of Avery Bradley and 2)extended minutes for Jared Sullinger, No Joke, they went from poor to exceptional with those guys. Defensive rotations are much better and bradleys on ball poressure makes even the best ball handler turn there backs. Sully is the best rebounder the Ce;tics have had since at the very most recent the short stint with an injured Danny Fortson. This guy carves out space and works hard out there. Watch there recent games before you count them out, they have a tough matchup against Houston tonight. Lastly on this comment (i’ll respond to them all) i really think the Nets have very little depth. I’m not sure which roster you are looking at but if you think Stackhouse, Watson, Blatche and Brooks means the team has good depth, than i think you need to watch them play. Sure Stackhouse has played well shooting those corner threes and posting up smaller players, but he is not a good bench player. he is adequate. Also, I 100% agree about Deron, if he plays well, who really needs depth with that starting unit? Under PJ he looks much more comfortable, so we shall see. Feel free to comment in the new rankings as well if you want to disucss those, i’ll get to your other comments shortly.

  2. steppling

    ok, 1 other note. Jameer has been great this year. He is a veteran who helps the young guys. I think davis has been HUGE…..this is a team really developing perfectly. Look at this roster….looking long term…Moe Harkless, Nichdolson, Moore, and Kyle O Quinn….its a talented group, but young. They have picks. A great young coach. I have no issue with what orlando is doing. And why trade Reddick? He is only 27. In three years he’s only thirty. These are cliches…..dont trade a guy who loves being there, loves the coach. Its silly. As for Charlotte….same thing. They are coming along. They are a good group right now…kemba, MKG, and jeff taylor. They have two high picks next draft. (Ilike the court :))……..and again, a good coach. What the bobcats need is a big man. A real center. If they use their lotto pick…a three or four…..for Noel, or len, then this team instantly gets better.

    1. Andrew Lipson

      The future could certainly be bright in Orlando. In our newest podcast which should be online sometime today, Evan actually comments that they may have won, or at least not lost, the whole dwight trade derby last year by compiling enough young pieces to be able to rebuild much faster than many teams that blow it up. The only reason you trade Reddick is to acquire more young pieces, although i agree, he is a great glue guy and worth having around if they are willing to pay him…..What is making me weary of the Bobcats is that they have no interior presence. When Mullins was healthy he was a 3 pt shooter and just a horrible big man. If as you say they can go get a couple bigs in the draft with their lottery picks, than i will be very high on this teams’ future. BTW i wrote a prospect watch, and i Absolutely love both Nerlens (of course, he is a defensive beast and runs the floor like a guard) and Len, who is a very gifted offensive player with amazing size.

  3. steppling

    and forgive me, one last comment. Denver….watch out for denver. A terrible schedule, but a long home stand now. Faried is just amazingly good. Iguadola has been a mixed bag, but he is still at worst a great defender. But its mostly McGhee…i know he’s the punch line to jokes, but in truth he is improving every game. Everytime you see him, he does something BETTER. And he has a potential to be a real force. So…if (and its an IF) lawson can be aggressive and return to how he looked last season, and with chandler coming back…man, the nuggets can be a serious contender. Nobody seems to believe this, but they had a brutal schedule (thanks stern). Galinari has been outstanding. Really underrated. Its a team nobody wants to play. ( a note on NOLO..i said, predicted, austin rivers was a bust. And he IS a bust)….and finally, CP3 is the coach of LA. Not del negro. GS is going to return to earth. But even saying that, the warriors are a great surprise…and props to mark jackson. Portland on the other hand was a team i predicted could get the 8 seed. Good coach, and that core of lillard, aldridge, mathews and batum is as good as any in the entire league. Its not a surprise they are making noise. They have no bench however. But if those guys stay healthy, the blazers are not an illusion. Hey…dragic is great by the way. DRAGIC is great….full stop. The problem there was and is everyone else. Sadly. And beasley should be cut. Just get him the hell out of there. As for the lakers…….well, the problem is age. Nash is forty. He cant do what he used to do. He never could defend but now he’s a joke. Kobe is great. One of the greatest ever, but the team is dysfunctional. And DAntoni is exactly the wrong guy. This is the problem with new york, too. Age catches up with you. Injuries, fatigue, and you are starting to see it. (And i agree howard is probably 70% at best). A final note on utah. They need a coach. God, its so frustrating to watch. I watch a lot of utah games. Hayward is the most underrated player in the league possibly. But so badly used. Favors could be an all star right now, but the offense is just al jefferson. And big al is a joke on defense. To clear out and throw Al the ball is NOT offense, its just bad hoop. Starting randy foye sort of says it all. Its a situation the GM has to address. Trade Jefferson, and hell, trade milsap too…….because this team has some real talent. Kanter….another example. The kid is really playing well. You have to live with the mistakes of young players, and thats what utah has to do.

    1. Andrew Lipson

      You are totally forgiven! We really enjoy intelligent conversation with basketball fans, engage in dialogue freely….
      Okay so I am a HUGE Denver fan. The Rooster, Danillo is a great player. Very underrated as you say, and i talk about him in the our most recent couple podcasts, but i think his abilities offensively are elite. The Manimal is my favorite player in the league right now. Not only does he rebound like rodman, but he does it with a similar aggressiveness and intelligence. He constantly uses excellent footwork to laterally position himself on the weakside in anticpation of rebounds. He also just has an amazing motor. A double-double machine. They guard depth with LAwson and Miller is incredible. Iggy is a great piece as long as he is not asked to star (he does everything really well) and then of course the amazing frontcourt which is enormous. I like McGhee and i do see the improvement. you’ll live with the mistakes as long as his effort is there. George Karl has done a great job with this team…Austin Rivers may be a bust, i wasn’t high on him, but i won’t fully judge him till i see how he comes back next year after strength training NBA style for a year…..CP3 is everything for thatteam including coach no doubt…Marc Jackson has done very good things for the Warriors, that is now a team and not the Monta Ellis show anymore….I predicted Lillard as my ROY and he is proving me right. Portland is a quality team as they have a few players who can light it up, but they are a year and a piece away from being able to compete for homecourt….DRAGIC is great, totally agree with you there. Anyone on Phoenix is for sale except for him….Beasley, what a waste of talent, i can’t even get into discussing him because it angers me….Lakers as you said are just old, slow on defense and they traded draft picks for Howard….This team could be sliding into a couple year funk…
      Utah is a great team to talk about. They have incredible talent at almost all positions, but they, as you mentioned, do not have a good system in place. Big Al needs to be moved to free up space for Favors and Kanter. I like Big Al as a piece of a team, but he is not a foundation piece as Utah is using him as….Hayward is very good, He’s a player any team wants, not a star but a great glue guy and energy player who flat out makes the team better with his play on both ends….Randy Foye should be a bench player getting 8-10 mins a game to try and give you an offensive spark….Last time i looked he was under 40% on the yr from the field, that is miserable and his minutes need to be cut. on my last look he had the lowest plus/minus on the roster…I couldn’t agree with your last statement more…let these young kids play and develop!


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