Why So Serious Kevin Durant?

Since his ejection, Kevin Durant has began this mean streak that everyone seems a bit terrified of. Not only did he have his league leading fourth 40-point game of the season last night(after dropping 42 on the Lakers in LA last week), but he also made Marcin Gortat never want to put basketball shoes on again. Like, ever. Will the old, fun loving KD ever return?

Why so serious Kevin?

Oh. That makes sense.

Also very underrated in this movie is the move on Michael Beasley. While Beasley has never once been called an active 1-on-1 defender in the NBA, he honestly makes him jump like he’s got a snake in his boots(desert humor. Because they were in Phoenix.) After this performance, I’m looking forward to watching Durant try to dunk over the likes of Faried and McGee when Denver comes to OKC tomorrow night.



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