Antoine Walker is Giving Financial Advice

(Remember when this was a thing?)

The Basketball Jones has a post up today regarding old Celtic favorite Antoine Walker. Walker used to be known for his need to never pass the ball, take three from the parking lot, and shimmy and shake his way around the FleetCenter(THROWBACK ALERT). He has recently been more known for blowing over $100 Million on a number of different things, including reportedly at the Craps table with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, who well, made alot more money than Walker.


Walker is now starting an athlete financial advice firm, using his own story as a way help other athletes not go through the same trouble he did. While in all seriousness this is a great story, I can only imagine how some of these meetings go. Some of the tips Antoine must give include:

  1. Never try to beat Michael Jordan in Craps.
  2. You Don’t need a Benz, BMW and Rolls Royce. Two would suffice.
  3. Never try to beat Michael Jordan in Blackjack.
  4. 50 friends on your bankroll is probably 49 friends too many.
  5. Don’t go to casinos with Michael Jordan.
  6. Top of the line watches do the same as a clock on the wall: Tell time.
  7. Don’t hang out with Michael Jordan.

Here’s to Antoine shimmying away the financial problems of future athletes everywhere.


(Via TBJ, Trey Kirby)


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