The East Starting Line Up has VH1 Reality Show Written All Over It

The All-Star Starters were announced last night, with no real surprises when looking at the star power. You can see the final voting numbers here.

While the West has a bunch of LA bros and Kevin Durant, who no one seems to hate, the East is a different story. Lebron James, Carmello Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Dwyane Wade will walk out for the East on February 17th, and there isn’t alot of love between these guys.


(What I would do to have these five living together.)

Rondo and Wade have been at odds since Wade helped take apart his shoulder, and things got interesting after this year’s opener when Wade called Rondo cheap. Garnett and Carmello have been arguing over what their favorite cereal is, and Lebron James who seems to have everyone’s love these days is right in the middle.

 If the NBA wants to cash in on this, they should make the five starters on each team stay in a “Real World” like house for the weekend, with the cameras rolling. Here are a few things you can expect to happen in the East House. 

  • Rondo and Wade will play NBA2k against one another, halfway through Wade will break Rondo’s controller, but then Rondo will bump the TV and ruin the game for everyone. 
  • When Carmelo comes down for breakfast, Garnett will be eating the last bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • Garnett will start talking trash to Lebron during an innocent game of beirut. Lebron will go on to make 46 straight shots without changing the expression on his face.
  • When they go out to the bars, Garnett and Carmelo will get into a war of words, and their friends will hold them back even though it was obvious they will never fight. When Carmelo returns home, he will wait for Garnett outside his bedroom, with Rondo lurking weirdly around the situation.
  • By the second day everyone will realize how much Rondo doesn’t like other human being when he actively ignores the chore wheel. 
  • Lebron will make sure to shake hands with everyone after everything, whether he came out above or not.
  •  Things will get really awkward when everyone else realizes that not only’s cameras are following them around, but James Dolan is also taping his own version of the show. 
(Do you think they pass it to each other even once?)

Reality show or not, expect things to get a little weird when the East takes the court on the 17th. To prepare yourself, just watch a Kings game.




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