Jeremy Pargo Must Really Hate Josh Selby

The life of an NBA reserve can be quite the up and down emotional roller coaster.  Often, you sit on the bench game after game supporting those teammates that the coach has deemed good enough to help the team win ballgames.  Other times, which can be much more infrequent, you can be called upon by your team to play minutes, even crucial, game deciding minutes.  You just never know….

Well, let’s take a look at Jeremy Pargo.  After finally making it to the league at the ripe old age of 25, he spent a year with the Memphis Grizzlies.  Pargo played decently well making 5 starts in 44 appearances including coming out of the gates hot with back to back double digit point efforts in late December right at the beginning of the strike shortened season.  After the season, the Grizzlies decided, rightfully, to drop Pargo in place of Josh Selby, a younger player with tremendous upside.  Pargo, after showing he belonged at an NBA level, was able to secure a job with the Cleveland Cavs for this season.

Kyrie Irving, the all world point guard for the Cavs has had a bevy of injuries in his young career.  This year, he missed some time and guess who replaced him in the starting lineup? That’s right, the always ready Pargo.  Pargo started 11 games for the Cavs this season and bumped his average from 3 points 1 assist last year to 8 points and nearly 3 assists this year.  But again, the NBA’s revolving personnel door hit him the ass today, as he was the victim of the Cavs making a 1 player out, 3 players in trade.  With the needed roster space and Shaun Livingston having replaced him in the rotation, the Cavs dropped Pargo for the incoming, you guessed it, Josh Selby….

So Pargo knows this is a business and I’m sure he has no hard feelings toward Selby, who has now cast him out at both of his NBA stops, but regardless loosing your job hurts no matter what you do.  Here’s to hoping  that Pargo lands on another roster soon, and like always, I’m sure he will make some key starts wherever he goes.


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