The Warriors Bench LOVES When Blake Griffin Misses Three Pointers

(Kent Bazemore, Warriors Bench Mob Captain.)

The outbreak of teams like the Clippers and Warriors in the Pacific Division has been one of the biggest stories of the NBA season thus far. Both have thrived by having solid benches that have been able to help them surpass the Lakers and be very much in the playoff picture. What is even better, is a bit of a rivalry has begun to form. Last night, the Warriors got the most even tilt, with a 106-99 win at home. 


While Blake Griffin had an excellent game last night(26 points, 13 rebounds), he was forced to attempt a three late in the shot clock. Blake, not really known for his outside shooting(shocker right?), naturally air balled a very ugly shot. Even better, the Warriors bench LOST IT, in particular Warriors bench mob captain Kent Bazemore.

Now this in itself was awesome. After reading this on twitter, I decided to search for this video, and realized that this isn’t a one time thing. The Warriors bench loves when Blake Griffin misses three pointers. Check out this video during their game on January 2nd. Bazemore and the mob break it down to Blake missed three. This shot might actually be the worse of the two, as Blake puts it off the side of the backboard.
A few things here:
1. The Clippers probably shouldn’t pass it to Blake Griffin late in the shot clock if he isn’t already in the air with his crotch in some guys face.
2. The Warriors bench must be SUPER pumped every time they notice the shot clock is winding down.
3. Mark Jackson pretty much can’t play Kent Bazemore against the Clippers because it is pretty safe to say the Clips will go out of their way to get him ISO’d on Blake.
4. It’s also pretty safe to say Kent won’t play against the Clips anyway, as he is currently averaging 2.7 minutes per game.
I don’t really care, Bazemore is starting to work his way into total Scalabrine territory here with these reactions and some more of his work which is below. Here’s to Blake Griffin taking more threes late in the shot clock, and hoping Kent Bazemore is in the building for them.


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