February Trade Rumors: Splitter to Utah

Our latest rumor comes from Chris Sheridan, who stated the following when discussing the impending trade deadline. “Here is the latest they are telling me: The San Antonio Spurs are the front-runners to land Al Jefferson in a trade with the Utah Jazz – and they are frontrunners like Secretariat was in the 1973 Belmont Stakes.

Later on Sheridan mentions possible players involved in a deal, as well as why the teams are natural trading partners. Check out his excellent article here.
Here is a link to his piece

Why for San Antonio:
 The Spurs are already an elite team with a chance at a title. They are a veteran team with only so many years left in their window. With Tim Duncan nearing the end of his career it is championship or bust for the Spurs. That is why a deal in which they are sending out some ancillary pieces for a starter makes since. Al Jefferson to the Spurs would be such a deal. Jefferson is an elite back to the basket scorer, partnering him with Tim Duncan would make for a dominant interrior attack to balance their stellar play from the outside (lead by Manu Ginobilli and Tony Parker).  This deal takes them one step closer to the last title of the Duncan era, there is no more important reason than this for making a deal

Why for Utah:
Currently Utah is a team brimming with front court talent. Their two starters are all star caliber players, and they are backed up by one of the most promising young big men combinations in recent memory. Currently this team is a late playoff seed in the west.

In order to get better in the long term, they need to move their older free agent bound big men to make way for their prize prospects and strengthen other deficient areas of the team.

The Jazz’s biggest need is a point guard. Patty Mills is a young player who could take over the point for the forseeable future. Along with Mills they would receive Splitter, allowing them to keep strong depth in the front court. Captain Jack would be thrown in for salary purposes.

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