February Trade Rumors: The Top 20 Expiring Deals

In the next three weeks, “Expiring Deals” may be one of the most commonly used phrases in google searches among NBA fans. The deals have value for both sides. Players on a new team will play hard within a three month rental to earn a new contract, while the teams can cut ties at no cost if they feel as though it’s not a good fit. With so many expiring deals showing up in the 2012-2013, here is a quick list of guys who could be coveted as February 21st, 3:00 PM EST comes closer. 

  (Chris Paul should be the most coveted free agent this summer.)

Note: Only contracts $5 Million or more were included.

 1. Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers: $17.78M 
2. Dwight Howard, Lose Angeles Lakers: $19.54M
3. Manu Ginobili, San Antonio Spurs: $14.11M
4. Andrew Bynum, Philadelphia 76ers: $16.89M
5. Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks: $13.2M
6. Al Jefferson, Utah Jazz: $15.0M
7. David West, Indiana Pacers: $10.0M
8. Kevin Martin, Oklahoma City Thunder: $12.44M
9. Paul Millsap, Utah Jazz: $8.6M
10. Mo Williams, Utah Jazz: $8.5M
11. Stephen Jackson, San Antonio Spurs: $10.06M
12. Chris Kaman, Dallas Mavericks: $8.0M
13. Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Clippers: $8.2M
14. J.J. Redick, Orlando Magic: $6.19M
15.  Samuel Dalenbert, Milwaukee Bucks: $6.7M
16. Tyreke Evans, Sacramento Kings: $5.25M(Restricted)
17. Jose Calderon, Detroit Pistons: $10.56M
18. Kyle Korver, Atlanta Hawks: $5.0M
19. Jarrett Jack, Golden State Warriors: $5.4M
20. Nick Young, Philadelphia 76ers: $5.6M


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