February Trade Rumors: Redick to Milwaukee

It seems that every contending team in the league has inquired about J.J Redick. What is not to like about a sharp shooting guard who plays solid defense and is on an expiring contract. The last bit is very important, in the new fiscally responsible NBA, no team wants to be bogged down by long term contracts. The latest iteration of the Redick deal solves the Jazz need for a point guard, and provides Orlando with some young prospects to build around.

The connection between Redick and Milwaukee:

Weekend Dime addendum: Milwaukee now in mix for Magic’s JJ Redick. Bucks, I’m told, assessing their ability to retain sharpshooter long term
— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) February 9, 2013

To meet asking price for Redick — expiring(s) and a future first-round pick — Bucks naturally wanna know they can retain free agent-to-be
— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) February 9, 2013

The Trade:

Why for Milwaukee:
Through this deal the Bucks will emerge as a contender. Statistically, Milwaukee’s greatest weaknesses are  defensive rebounding, three point shooting, field goal percentage, and free throw attempts. This tells a story of a team that needs to improve offensively specifically in the way in which they score. Milwaukee has some excellent defensive players, yet their style is fast and loose (4th fastest pace in the league) with the ball instead of controlled as you would expect from a good defensive team. Simply put, Milwaukee needs a face lift and it starts by separating two shoot first point guards playing in the same back court.

Replacing Ellis in the starting lineup with Redick would force their offense to be more about executing and less about speed, a stylistic change that would help. Millsap would add a second player to their team that could execute well in the half court, as a scorer, an excellent rebounder and a superb screener. Millsap would not only help on offense but he would clean up the biggest deficiency on the defensive end, rebounding.

Having watched a lot of Bucks basketball I have come to several realizations. 1. Ellis is not working in Milwaukee, he needs the ball in his hands and that isn’t happening enough there. 2. The Bucks need to reorganize around one of the best defenders in the league, Larry Sanders. This trade solves both problems as well as giving Milwaukee cap flexibility this off-season.

Why for Orlando:
The Magic are reportedly looking for expiring contracts and a future first round pick. In this trade they get neither but the same goal is accomplished none the less. The Magic would pick up two young plus prospects that can give them solid minutes right away (instead of an expiring and a pick that will help them in a few years) Partnering Henson with Nikola Vucevic gives Orlando two bigs that are long athletic and can rebound. Tobias Harris gives them another wing player to develop next to Mo Harkless. Combine those four with a throw back post scorer in Andrew Nicholson, what will probably be a high draft pick this year and suddenly the Magic future goes from dim to very bright.

Why for Utah:
According to a Zach Lowe piece, a Monta’ Ellis drive leads to high percentage shots. The Jazz have very few such players that can attack from the wing and create for themselves and others (Gordon Hayward and sometimes Alec Burks). This team has good talent at every position but they are sorely lacking in the wing shot creation department. Ellis would thrive driving the lane and feeding Favors, Kanter and Jefferson.

When the Jazz lose it is often because of their lack of scoring. Ellis would give them a shot in the arm in this department and help them make a playoff push. Although, they are giving up Millsap, Derrick Favors recently has shown himself to be a capable starter in need of a chance. Long term, moving Millsap will help Utah’s progression by opening up minutes for Favors and Enes Kanter.

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