February Trade Rumors: Josh Smith’s Suitors

For today’s rumor, we look at potentially the most dynamic name on the market in Atlanta’s Josh Smith.  Josh Smith brings not only versatility and athleticism to his team, but also provides stellar defense, rebounding  and is an explosive fast break partner.  Yesterday, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that the Brooklyn Nets have had discussions about acquiring Smith, but they aren’t alone in their desire to add him, as the Rockets and Mavericks covet a star to pair with the ones currently on their teams, James Harden and Dirk Nowitski Respectively.  Let’s look at the potential packages coming back to Atalanta if they decide to trade the hometown kid.

Will Smith be a deadline grab for a playoff team?

So we all know that Josh Smith is from Atlanta, as is Dwight Howard, so some theorists believe that both players could sign with the Hawks long term this summer.  While this is only speculation on either side of the line, I for one don’t see either player sticking with A-Town, so the Hawks should acquire whatever assets they can before Smith bolts for greener pastures. 

What they could get from the Rockets:
Well this is a really difficult trade partner, mostly because Houston is not going to trade Harden, Lin or Asik, their three highest paid players and therefore don’t have the salary to match Smith in any trade.  I won’t even bother putting a trade machine screen shot here, because unless a 3rd team is willing to come along and offer a good inexpensive point guard to Houston, allowing them to make Lin expendable, then this is only a pipe dream.  If they were to find a PG to replace Lin, then Lin, Terrence Jones and a cap filler would head to the ATL. I do however expect Houston to be a player for Smith in free agency this summer even if they cannot land him before the deadline.
What could they get from Big D:
A trade involving two picks from this past year in Jae Crowder and Jared Cunningham, a combo guard with scoring potential in Rodrigue Beaubois and veteran Shawn Marion as well as first round pick may get it done.  Marion has said he wont report if traded to a bad team, so that is yet another contract off the books for Atlanta if he doesn’t show, or if he does they get a tradeable piece next year. It is not the greatest haul for the Atlanta, but it definitely gives them a couple pieces moving forward, especially the draft pick. I also believe Cunningham will be a plus defensive player once he adjusts to the NBA game.
What they could get from the Nets:
Well the Nets unfortunately do not have a plethora of young talent on their team.  What they could offer would be a combination of a tough rebounder in Kris Humphries, a potential 6th man esque combo guard scorer in Marshon Brooks, a future backup point guard in Tyshawn Taylor, and a draft pick. Would this be enough to entice Atlanta?  I think no way, a 3rd team would need to get involved and even then, what do they Nets have that is of tradeable value?
Just some more food for thought here at the Pick and Pop.  We will be covering the Trade deadline with greater depth as the week goes along.  Please feel free to discuss any deals in the comments section below this post.  The trade deadline is only 10 days away now, get ready for Rumor Season to keep heating up.

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