February Trade Rumors: Josh Smith to Philadelphia

Source: Chad Ford’s NBA Trade Watch

“The consensus around the league continues to be that Smith is gone, either by trade or free agency. The situation in Atlanta continues to deteriorate to the point that the Hawks seem to have little choice but to let him go now — unless they can find a way to pry away Dwight Howard from the Lakers to play alongside his friend Smith.
The latest intel, via our own Chris Broussard, has the Nets entering the picture for Smith. The question is whether a package of Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks is enough to make a deal. That’s doubtful. The Hawks would prefer a young center.
The Spurs have been mentioned as a possible suitor, but unless they are willing to part with Kawhi Leonard (highly unlikely), they don’t really have the assets.
Look for the 76ers, who have been dangling both Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner to other teams, to be a potential landing place.”
Why for Philadelphia:
Josh Smith is an elite talent playing at a position of need for the 76ers. Fitting him next to Thaddeus Young and Smith would create a long athletic 3/4 combination that would cause match up problems around the league. With the emergence of Jrue Holliday, Philadelphia would be best served to surround him with as many athletic players to run the floor alongside him as possible.
If Bynum, is healthy next year and remains in Philadelphia, the Sixers would have the makings of a long athletic team that defends at an elite level and breaks out off of every miss. Should Bynum and/or Smith decide to leave Philadelphia could find themselves with a large amount of cap room to rebuild their team in any way they see fit.
Why for Atlanta:
The Hawks have been trying to move Josh Smith for a while, but have yet to get an offer that they consider worthwhile. With the new CBA changing the rules for sign and trades it becomes even more imperative that they move him before he becomes a free agent this summer.
Since, Danny Ferry took over Atlanta they have been looking to build a team with young talent and financial flexibility. Bringing back Turner for Smith would allow the Hawks to bring back a young player that could be an all star presence in Atlanta for years to come. 
Ford’s rumor of moving Spencer Hawes in the deal makes sense for Philadelphia, but less so for Atlanta. Since Ferry has started remodeling the team, cap flexibility has been stressed. If they move J-Smoove taking back at least one expiring deal would be a necessity.  Including Nick Young in the deal allows the Hawks to keep some of their cap flexibility while adding young talent. A first would have to be included by the Sixers to make this feasible for Atl.
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