February Trade Rumors: Kevin Garnett to The Clippers

Looking back the idea of posting 21 trades in 21 days was probably fool hardy. With the same players being reported in different trades over and over it becomes difficult to come up with original trades. At this point most logical trades have been speculated upon ad nauseum. To my chagrin I’ve found that I am not as creative when it comes to trades as I would have liked, with this in mind I have decided to give my opinion on trades reported by major media outlets (and endlessly repeated via twitter). The first trade I will go over of this nature hits close to home in that it involves Kevin Garnett and the Celtics. Clippers fans will tell you that they are giving up too much, Celtics fans will tell you they aren’t getting enough, when both fan bases in a trade complain afterwards more often than not you have a fair deal.

 The Source: This deal has been reported in many forms but its most likely form was first reported by Y! Sources Mark Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski.

Y! Sources (w/ @spearsnbayahoo): Celtics, Clippers discussing deal centered on Kevin Garnett for Bledsoe, Jordan. tinyurl.com/br53wjq
— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) February 16, 2013

The Trade: 

Why for The Clippers:
The difference between being an elite team and a championship team is razor thin. Not being able to put your best defensive team on the floor in crunch time can be the difference between a title and an early exit. DeAndre Jordan is one of the best shot blockers in the league and takes the Clippers to a new level defensively. Unfortunately for Clippers fans Jordan is such a poor free throw shooter that he can’t be trusted to be on the court when games are decided in the fourth quarter.

Kevin Garnett allows the Clippers to upgrade at the center position. With LA being the deepest team in the league the loss of Jordan and Bledsoe could be absorbed without missing much.

Garnett might not be as long, athletic or block as many shots but he is a superior defender (even at his advanced age). This is not just my opinion, it is an opinion backed up by statistics. KG gives up 98 points per 100 possessions while Jordan gives up 100, not a huge difference but there is a difference. Where Garnett really outshines Jordan is on offense, where he can not only finish in the paint but knock down the outside jumper with regularity. On top of that Garnett is one of the best passers at the center position.

Of course it would hurt the Clippers to give up young phenom Eric Bledsoe, but it would be worth it. With the return of Chauncy Billups, Bledsoe’s minutes are starting to lessen. With the way Mr. Big Shot can knock down shots Clippers fans would be surprised by how little they would miss Bledsoe. Sure moving two young talented players is a risk, but if it improves their chance at a championship it is a risk they shouldn’t hesitate to take. If the Clippers are reluctant to trade both young prospects they have no chance of completing a deal with Boston.

Why for Boston:
Before I get in to the reasons Boston would do this deal, there are some qualifiers that need to be stated. Kevin Garnett has a no trade clause, so he could not be traded without his consent. KG is one of the most loyal people in the league, as long as Paul Pierce is in Boston you can expect KG to be there as well. If Boston were to decide to move Pierce then I expect Kg’s reluctance to abate and accept a deal.

This trade hinges on the perception that without Rajon Rondo the Boston Celtics are not a championship level team. With the chance that Garnett and Pierce retire after the year, it would be prudent for the Celtics to get something in return before that is no longer an option. Bledsoe and Jordan would be two excellent young assets for Boston to build around or move in the future.

As a Celtics fan it would hurt to see Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce go, but if it was the difference between being competitive next year rather than in five years it has to be explored. I love what both players have done for the franchise, but the overall health of the franchise has to come first.

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