What has happened during the Heat’s Winning Streak

With a 102-93 win over the Sixers last night, The Heat stretched their winning streak to 17 games. They haven’t lost since February 1st, when they dropped a 102-89 decision to Indiana, who they just happen to play on Sunday. Seeing as it has now been 36 days since they lost, I decided to take a look at what has gone on in the world since the Heat last lost. You might be surprised.

1. The Harlem Shake Took Off, and then annoyed us all:

(Mario Chalmers wins this video for dressing like Super Mario.)

 2. Winter Storm Nemo dropped up to 40 inches on the Northeast on February 8th, and destroyed my will to live. I never want to shovel again.
(Stop mocking me with that smile.)
3. Lebron James has scored 476 points in their 17 wins(good for 28/game). That is more points scored than 57 players have total for this year who have played forty games this year and averaged at least 20 minutes a game. Thank you to hoopdata.com for being amazing so that I didn’t have to do massive amounts of math.
(This is starting to get boring. Wait, nope, no it isn‘t.)
4. Lovers everywhere went out on the town for Valentine’s Day. Yup, seems like forever ago doesn‘t it? 
(Where do you think these two lovebirds went?)
5. The Groundhog predicted that winter would be over soon. Yeah, how about you shovel the snow in driveway you ugly rat. (Still not over the shoveling).
(Bill, I hate him too.)
6. People continued to hate Skip Bayless. And for once(and probably the only time), I agreed with Richard Sherman.
 (“I’m better at life than you”. Well yes, but not that hard to do.)
7. Chris Bosh kept photo bombing people. 
8. The Superbowl happened
 (Who turned the lights out?)
The Heat do have a difficult schedule coming up, with games against Indiana and Atlanta, both playoff teams in the East. Needless to say though, alot of time has passed since the Heat have last lost, and they have shown they can beat anyone. Whose to say they can’t run the table?(homer alert!)
(I hope.)


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