A look Inside Dwight Howard’s Performance Last Night

First of all, the Lakers are liars. Reports all year have been coming out that Dwight Howard goes 40-40 from the line in practice. Well last night the Magic welcomed him back to Orlando they only way they knew how: To hack away at his bionic(correction: formerly bionic) arms.


Here are a few stats from last night’s box score that you won’t see everynight:

  • Dwight went 25-39 from the FT line last night. He took 22 more attempts than the whole Magic team, and made 16 more than Orlando.
    • While completely unrelated, but interesting, Dwight’s +/- was the same amount of that made FT differential between him and the Magic, 16.
  • By going 25-39, he shot 64% from the line. That is 15% higher than his season average, which currently sits at 49% after last night. By shooting this much better, he improved his season average by over a point(47.8 to 49), which is extremely rare to do in one game this late in the season.
  •  Dwight took 39 free throw attempts, and just 13 attempts from the field, meaning he shot three times as many free throws. 
  • Dwight in total attempted 53 shots, which is just 17 less than the entire Magic’s starting five FG attempts. 
  • With the Magic slowing the game down so much by fouling Dwight, there were only 11 fast break points in the whole game(7 by LAL, 4 by ORL.)
  • Kobe Bryant finished with just 11 points, and was 4-14 from the field. Makes sense seeing as he had no rhythm with the ball never getting across half court.

You just got mathed. The more you know.



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