Quick Halftime Thoughts: Celts/Heat

1. Jeff Green is playing the game of his life tonight, and we are only halfway through. He had 21 points in a 9 minute stretch, and is 9-12 from the field. Unless Miami starts to play Chris Bosh and Chris Anderson together in stretches with Lebron James at the three covering Green(which opens up all of Boston’s shooters or creates a mismatch for those bigs), expect Green to be going to hole all second half just like he did in the first.

2. The fouls on Boston’s side are troubling. All starters have two, and Jason Terry got three quick ones. While some were questionable, the Heat stayed calm and did what they do best, get to the rack.

3. The fact that the Heat are only down six right now is troubling. Lebron quietly has 18 points and 6 assists. You have to know that this game will come down to if Boston can continue to play the halfcourt defense they have by congesting the lane.

4. Ray Allen and Shane Battier going a combined 1-6 from three is a major stat in this game. If they are even hitting half of those, the Celtics can’t double Lebron in the paint with such aggressiveness that they have been. FYI, the Heat as a team are just 3-10. The Celtics are 5-11.

5. Lebron’s dunk was insane. Like, I will have nightmares insane.

6. Bradley’s block won’t get as much PR, but it is just as insane.

7. Chris Bosh could be the X-factor in this game. While he isn’t going much on the offensive end, if he can prevent the Celtics from getting into the lane as easy as they have guys like Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley will have to make jumpers.

 8. Jeffrey Green. It needed to be said again.

See you after the game!



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