JaVale McGee’s Block Would Make Bill Russell Happy

I’m not sure about all of you, but as a NBA diehard and a Celtics fan in particular I try to get my hands on as much Bill Russell footage as possible.  Whether it’s game film, practicing with Red or interviews, I soak up as much knowledge as I can from the winningest player to ever compete in American professional sports.  His 11 championships in 13 seasons is mind blowing and don’t give me crap about how his teammates were better than everyone else’s, because that is just fiction that ignorant NBA fans like to spout. The man is the epitome of an unselfish winner, a socially conscience role model, and the owner of the best laugh in human history.

11 Rings, 10 Fingers

Well now that I’ve introduced my admiration for Russell, one of the things he has often discussed in interviews is his shot blocking.  He said he did it differently than players before or since because he tried to either catch the ball or keep it in play so that his teammates could corral the lose ball.  Last night, JaVale McGee made a great block, showing soft hands and, dare I say, high basketball IQ.  Anyway, the block:

Any excuse to mention the GREAT Bill Russell….

-Andy Lipson, Senior Blogger
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