2013-2014 NBA Season Predictions

Hello All and welcome to The Pick and Pop Diaries’ NBA coverage of the 2013-2014 season. We will start off this season by looking into our crystal balls and making predictions for the year.  This will be the first of a season full of insightful, opinionated and entertaining posts, so check back often to see what’s on our minds.

The NBA’s Finest

Division Winners:

In the East:


  • Andy: Brooklyn Nets
  • Evan: Brooklyn Nets
  • Winston: New York Knicks

This division, is clearly a two team race between the Knicks and the Nets.  The Nets have added a great veteran trio in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry to their already loaded roster which includes all stars Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson.  I believe the Nets will win as long as Deron can stay healthy and the team chemistry works with limited shots to go around (i’m looking at you Joe Johnson!). Carmelo and the Knicks will have something to say before it’s all over though, these will be some very entertaining head to head match ups.


  • Andy: Chicago
  • Evan: Chicago
  • Winston: Chicago

While we all agree Chicago should be the best team in the division with a healthy Derek Rose, it wouldn’t be wise to count out the tough nosed Pacers and the up and coming Cavs.  I really want the Cavs to emerge, but i think they are one year away from truly being able to compete among the two elites in the division.  If the Pacers can acquire a point guard in-season, this is a team that can make a serious run at not only the division but also the conference. Derek Rose looks healthy and poised for another run at the MVP, so for now, we all lean towards the Bulls in the Central.

Watch out Miami, Here comes your worst Nightmare!


  • Andy: Miami
  • Evan: Miami
  • Winston: Miami

This division is a joke, the Wizards may be a playoff team, but the Heat will win the NBA’s weakest division running away.

 In the West:


  • Andy: OKC
  • Evan: OKC
  • Winston: OKC

OKC should win this division with relative ease.  I think the loss of Andre Iguodala (left Denver for Golden State) cannot be overstated.  While there are some other good teams in the division, none of them but OKC has a player named Kevin Durant.


  • Andy: Golden State
  • Evan: Golden State
  • Winston: LA Clippers

Another division that boils down to a two team race.  From this prospective, I think it comes down to two things: firstly, can Andre Iguodala not only replace, but surpass the contributions and locker room presence of the departed Jarrett Jack? If so, with Iggy supporting Curry with ball handling duties, this team is as dangerous as any in the league.  And secondly, Can Blake Griffin transition from star to superstar? His shot selection has always left us shaking our heads, but with his incredible talent and freakish athleticism, he has the ability to dominate every game.  He hasn’t done that consistently yet, but this may be his year to raise his game to elite levels.


  • Andy: San Antonio
  • Evan; Houston
  • Winston: San Antonio

Will age finally catch up to the Spurs? Tony Parker in his prime surrounded by an elite defensive cast versus the two headed monster of James Harden and Dwight Howard.

Conference Champions:

In the East:

  • Andy: Chicago
  • Evan: Miami
  • WInston: Miami

I’m tired of Miami, so here I am, drawing a line in the sand…Go Bulls! My colleagues here disagree and go with front runner Miami, way to be creative/go out on a limb fellas.

In the West:

  • Andy: Golden State
  • Evan: Houston
  • Winston: LA Clippers

The West is ridiculously deep this season with 6 teams (SAS, LAC, HOU, GSW, OKC, and MEM) that all have a serious shot at making a title run.


  • Andy: Chicago
  • Evan: Miami
  • Winston: Miami

I refuse to pick Miami to three-peat, so here I go picking the Bulls.  May Derrick Rose stay healthy and be better than ever.  He didn’t gain five inches on his vertical for nothing!

Individual Awards:


  • Andy: LeBron James
  • Evan: LeBron James
  • Winston: Kevin Durant

No one can match what LeBron does statistically and with his team poised to dominate their division he should have the number one seed going into the postseason.  While my heart is with Durant, I just can’t see OKC winning as many games as the Heat, especially with Russell Westbrook out for the start of the season.

Rookie of the Year:

  • Andy: Victor Oladipo
  • Evan: Ben McLemore
  • Winston: Victor Oladipo

Unlike the MVP award, this award is about opportunity and stats, without a care for team success.  The Magic will be awful and Oladipo will have ample opportunity to show off his offensive skills and defensive prowess.  Mclemore will have opportunities of his own, but just not as many as VO.

Defensive Player of the Year:

  • Andy: LeBron James
  • Evan: Dwight Howard
  • Winston: Joakim Noah

Any of these three would be well deserving of the award and will anchor their respective teams defense.  While this award is historically a big man award, I didn’t feel right as an NBA blogger to keep LeBron award-less in my predictions.

Coach of the Year:

  • Andy: Mark Jackson
  • Evan: Mark Jackson
  • Winston: Tom Thibodeau

Most Improved:

  • Andy: Jonas Valanciunas
  • Evan: Anthony Davis
  • Winston: Derek Favors

These are probably the three likeliest to win this award as they each will see an increased role. Who can win the voters heart???

6th Man:

  • Andy: Jarrett Jack
  • Evan: Jamal Crawford
  • Winston: Harrison Barnes

Jack should have won it last year, and despite new surroundings for the vet, I see him putting in a ton of quality minutes off the bench for the up and coming Cavs. Barnes will get good minutes and looked like a future star at times last season.  We all know what Crawford can do, the man can just score buckets.


Alright readers, thanks for checking in and be sure to come back often for our take on everything NBA.  We appreciate any comments and intelligent NBA dialogue that our readers would like to engage in.  Enjoy opening night!

To this season and beyond

The past, present and future of the NBA


Andy Lipson, Co-Founder/NBA Super Fan.  Contributing to this Article were fellow Co-Founder Evan Javel and our new kickass blogger WInston Jones!




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