Morning Quick Hits


quick hits

  • Michael Carter Williams had the “Lolwut” performance of the night.  The rook out of Syracuse almost messed around and got a QUADruple double last night vs. the defending champs.  Props to the guy that made $1 million on his $1 bet that any of this would happen.  Philadelphia 76ers: Worst Tankers Ever. 
  • Andrew Bynum made the sneakiest return of all time.  The Cavalier big man has been mighty cavalier (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!) about playing over the past couple of seasons and when he popped up on the court last night, it was pretty damn shocking.  Let’s hope the extensive rehab was well worth it for Cleveland’s sake.
  • Kevin Love and Dwight Howard still got it.  Love finished the night with 31 pts and 17 rebs and Dwight flipped things over with a 17 pt 26 rebs performance.  The oft injured big men put all doubters to bed last night.  Let’s see how long this lasts, though.  And how long it takes for Dwight to hate everyone, speak cryptically about hating everyone, and demand a trade.
  • Klay Day.  Klay Thompson did the damn thing.  No other way to say it.  Everyone was wondering how the new look Warriors would mesh and before anyone could form an opinion about it, Klay had 20 pts.  He made it look really easy too.  They were playing the Lakers, I know, but the variety of ways that he scored was masterful.  Flaring off picks, back door cuts for easy ones, improved dribbling and of course, the three point shot.  It could be a case of “they played the Lakers”, but that’s as ideal of a start as I could think of.
  • I think Paul George made the leap.  He looks like a younger, headier version of Tracy McGrady with his length, decision making, ball-handling and takeover-ability.  Plus he has TWO first names.  That’s scary.  Mainly for him since my last “favorite” NBA player was T-Mac.  You’ve been marked, Paul.  You’ve been marked.
  • I was visibly panicked when Tim Duncan got injured last night.  He represents an age milestone to many of us, so when the Big Fundamental has a scare, I inherently have a scare too.  Those ruffians on the Grizzlies elbowed old-man Timmy in the chest and he got a slight contusion.  He will hopefully come back strong.  Or Pop will “rest” him for a few games just to make sure.


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