NBA Halloween Costume Contest

Today’s Halloween.  For some asinine reason that I will never understand, we dress up in costumes.  That means our favorite (and not so favorite) NBA players partook in the festivities.  As an esteemed costume connoisseur/hater/judger, it would be a disservice if I didn’t  give my opinion on this year’s crop.

amir johnson halloween

Amir Johnson just fittin’ in with the crowd of white girls dressed as zombies.

okc thunder halloween

The OKC Thunder clearly did not have a “Guys, What Are We Doing For Halloween” email thread going.  Cannot be good for team building.

spurs halloween

The Spurs had the email thread, but things fell apart fast.  Manu suggested Toy Story, Mario wanted Mario Party, Kawhi’s GF desperately wanted to be Olive Oil, and Nando was left off the thread.

tony parker halloween

If you gave me 100 guesses for what Tony Parker‘s costume would be this year, all 100 of them would have been iParty “Pirate” costume.

durant halloween

Kevin Durant mailed it in.  Hard.

jeremy lamb halloween

Jeremy Lamb wanted to mail it in, but his heart intervened at the last possible second.

jason richardson halloween

Jason Richardson nailing the dirty, filthy, grunchy Trinidad James look.  I don’t think November 1st will be a good day for Trinidad James.

sixers halloween

The Sixers can’t even tank Halloween correctly.  Spencer Hawes could have been the Hamburglar or a version Robin Thicke who stole something, James Anderson saw Jason Richardson’s costume and raised him -$100,000, and  Arnett Moultrie killed it as “Jerome” from “Martin.”  Impressed.

lavoy allen halloween

Hey Lavoy Allen, I don’t know which picture is you.

kendrick perkins halloween

Kendrick Perkins took things WAY too seriously.  Going to be a weird night for those two.

lou williams joker

Lou Williams just creepin’ everyone out.

fresh prince halloween

Evan Turner paid homage to Philly’s own Will Smith.  I like it, but feel like I needed a Jazzy and Will high-five.  Ya know, like this:

serge ibaka halloween

Serge Ibaka won.

Safe and Happy Holidays from the Pick & Pop team!


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