Tank Watch 2013

Are You Ready for Tank Talk?

The fans of NBA basketball teams rejoice every time their team wins. However, a select few team’s fans also guiltily soak in losses. Being a real fan of Charlotte, Boston, Philadelphia, Orlando, Sacramento and Phoenix means there is a voice in the back of your mind that realizes every loss brings your team closer to a potential franchise player. With the upcoming draft being the best since LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Carmelo came out, fans of bottom feeding teams see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the course of the year I will attempt to cover all the teams that are being Woeful for Wiggins, or Sorry for Jabari, aka the tankers. I plan to regularly list the poorly performing teams, followed by the potential all stars they could get in next year’s draft.

The Potential Tankers

Orlando (0-2): Orlando has been competitive in its first two games against probable playoff teams. So far their tank has been masterful, play hard and almost beat your opponent, but combat that by sitting your hottest scorer in game 1, while having Arron Afflalo take a step back fade away to win the game in game two. Well done Magic.

Boston (0-1): Played hard but lost due to a lack of ball handling, a lack of rebounding and an overall lack of talent. Good job boys!

Charlotte: (0-1): This team played extremely hard under new coach Steve Clifford before eventually succumbing to pour shooting and the rebound machine that is Dwight Howard. If Clifford’s team continues to exhibit strong effort, he might find himself with a pink slip in his locker.

Philadelphia (1-0): Michael Carter Williams was three rebounds and a steal short of a quadruple double, leading the 76ers to a shocking victory over the Miami Heat, making their gm absolutely furious.

Phoenix (1-0): Phoenix beat a playoff contender by double digits, being lead by Goran Dragic. In related news expect Dragic to be moved later in the year.

Sacramento (1-0): The Kings have languished in squalor ever since their Chris Webber days. Now with a new ownership, gm and coach they are looking to free themselves of the draft lottery. If Boogie Cousins continues to play like he did last night, I might have to remove them from this list.

Top 10 prospects

  1. Andrew Wiggins
  2. Jabari Parker
  3. Julius Randle
  4. Aaron Gordon
  5. Marcus Smart
  6. Andrew Harrison
  7. Dante Exum
  8. Montrezl Herrel
  9. Wayne Selden
  10. Dario Saric

-Evan Javel


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