Morning Quick Hits

quick hits

  • The New York Knickerbockers are in a lot of trouble.  Tyson Chandler suffered a nasty-looking knee injury and there is no telling when he will be back.  The team’s offensive gameplan is to feed the ball to Melo on the mid-post late in the shot clock and just…watch.  Amar’e Stoudemire still has that random apostrophe in his name and his game has become tough to watch.  Somewhere on Moron Mountain rests a lonely MonSTAR with Amar’e’s powers.  They need JR back desperately.
  • LeBron James is still good.  Shocker, I know, but when he decides to win games he just does it.  He had the equivalent of a 158.3 QB rating last night with 32 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, and one turnover.  Take time to appreciate this stage of his career.  Also, Dwyane Wade is sneakily playing some incredible basketball.  He’s still pouting, flopping and being malcontent, but he’s doing it with awesome numbers.
  • The Pacers are very legit.  They are clicking on all cylinders on both ends of the floor and appear to have a real star on their hands with, wait, what’s that?  A jinx?  Oh no!paul georgeCurrently the best team in the league, but thanks to Skip, how long will that last?
  • Eric Bledsoe is going to get PAID.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  The kid is a budding superstar with so much room to grow (he still can’t shoot) and gets to showcase his talents on a nightly basis for one of the bottom feeders in the league.  He’s currently averaging 23, 8, and 6 and shooting 50% from the field all while getting to play YOLO ball.  Hey Suns, I think you may be regretting that whole “no contract extension” thing when this kid is terrorizing the league for the next few years.
  • Guys, Monta Ellis scored 30 pts on 14 shots.  You read that correctly, FOURTEEN!!  It used to take at least double that amount for him to crack into that range in years past.  No exaggeration, I think this was the best game of his career.  Good news for Dallas is that this was only the fourth game of the year for them.  If Monta “Got it All” Ellis keeps this up Dallas may be one of the dark houses out West.
  • The Lakers, LOL.
  • Tim Duncan almost had a triple double last night and played 34 minutes in high altitude Denver.  What are the odds that Kobe sent a “Who’s your witch doctor?” related text to Timmy at some weird hour last night?
  • I think this Houston experience might work out.  McHale lit a fire under them after they allowed the Clippers to score over one million points in their last game.  When this team plays defense, flies around and gets deflections they remind me of a bizarro Miami.  I know that may be blasphemous, but Harden shows some very Wade-ish qualities (good and bad) and Dwight has the same imposing physical qualities of a Mr. LBJ.  Watch out, league.
    • This about sums up the Hawks vs. Kings:

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