Observations from the Southeast Division


1. Only two teams in Southeast division don’t suck, which coincidentally makes it the most competitive division in the East. Four teams in the East have a winning record. With so many teams in the East underperforming, expect the win total of the Heat, Pacers and Bulls to be inflated.

2. Jeff Teague has been the most improved played in the league thus far. Surrounded by good shooters, Teague has been able to force the issue and get to the hole without fear of sagging defenders. His three point numbers have regressed back to rookie levels, but this is more of an indication of a old cold start rather than ability. Despite having career highs in points, assists, rebounds and free throws attempted, Teague will only get better.

3. The league is currently benefiting from a lot of new young coaches that should be around for a while. While Brett Brown might get most of the accolades, Steve Clifford has done a great job with the Bobcats. Despite being the third least efficient team offensively in the league, the Bobcats are finding ways to turn games into bar fights and  knock out their opponents. That a coach is able to come in and immediately get such strong effort bodes well for the future of a troubled franchise.

4. Arron Afflalo went from being criminally underrated, to wildly overpaid and is now currently entrenched as the player you forgot was good. Well Afflalo is playing his most inspired basketball now, posting career numbers in points, three point shooting, rebounding, assist and steals. If he continues to play like this the suitors will line up and Orlando will acquire another young asset to build around.

5. When analysts project a player to have a break out year it usually has to do with their offensive output. Bradley Beal is one such player that everyone expected to explode onto the offensive scene, and at 20.2 points per game he surely has. Beal’s problem is the same that the Wizards face as a whole, they can not defend. Beal currently holds the distinction of being the worst defender (rating wise) on the Wizards. Beal needs to learn to D up or he will forever be known as a good scorer on a bad team.


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