Rapid Reaction: Kobe Bryant Signs Extension


Kobe Bryant just signed an extension that will allow him to retire a Laker. At first glance, making a 36 year old player coming off of major surgery the highest paid player in the league seems like a bad idea.

Sometimes, your gut reaction on first glance is the correct one. With the early estimates of the 2014 salary cap being $62.1 Million, the Lakers had around $12.5 MM in committed salary next year. This would have left them $49.65 MM to sign free agents (minus cap holds, and draft picks) in 2014-15. After Signing for $23.5 and $25 MM over the next two years Kobe decreases that cap space considerably.

To bring the numbers into perspective, Kobe Bryant’s new contract leaves them enough room to sign either Carmelo Anthony next year or Kevin Love the following year, not both. If you think that next season and the season after Kobe Bryant will be better than either of those players then you have to like this deal. If you are a rational human being, you understand that long term the Lakers made a mistake.



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