Newsflash: LeBron James Is Having A 60/50/80 Season

                                                                               LBJ’s True Shooting % is 68

LeBron James is doing his best “Create-A-Player” impression and essentially cheating his way through this NBA season.  Hell, I might not be giving him the credit he deserves.  NBA fans, please don’t take this for granted.

I remember when I was younger and Michael Jordan was the bane of my existence.  Every time he would play a team I liked, he would personally embarrass them and the Chicago Bulls somehow always would come out victorious.  It was frustrating and made me actively avoid watching him.  It took several years, but I realize that was one of the worst mistakes that I have ever made.  I didn’t realize or embrace the fact that I was watching the greatest basketball player of my generation.  I was just super sad that he dropped 55 in MSG and pouted in the corner anytime he’d appear on TV.  Fast forward to now and I drop whatever I’m doing to watch any Hardwood Classic on NBATV that features His Airness.  Now is also a new era.  An era where a 6’8 270 pound man with Magic-like court vision and unforeseen athleticism is controlling the National Basketball Association.  Drink it in folks.  We won’t see anything like this.

Every year, for the past three seasons, I’ve reacted to LeBron James saying “I’ve gotten better” the exact same way.  At first I laugh it off and try to conceive how such a thing is possible, then I watch it happen, sit in denial, and finally claim that I saw it coming the entire time. I’m shocked every time.  I don’t know what this dude’s peak is and I’m not sure we will ever know.  Sure, he doesn’t have the same killer instinct that Michael or Kobe have, but does he need it?  I think his ability to remain calm, poised and collected, all while striving to make his teammates better is what makes him unique and efficiently dangerous.

Look past the commercials, the Cleveland drama, the “not one, not two, not three” nonsense, the Hollywood lifestyle and stare intently at what is happening on the hardwood.  If you let those other things cloud your vision, you just might hate yourself for not bearing “witness.”

-When your body is half Game Genie – half Game Shark, Dwyane Wade can do cartwheels in the middle of post-game interviews:


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