Don’t Worry Knicks Fans, The Team Thinks Their Orange Jerseys Are Bad Luck, So They Aren’t Wearing Them Anymore

knicks orange

Phew.  Glad they figured that one out because frankly, I was starting to get a little worried about this Knicks team.

As we patiently await the jersey-choice unveiling for tonight’s Knicks-Bulls game, let’s reflect on the orange jerseys for a second.

1) After losing to the Celtics 114-73, the Knicks officially fell to 0-6 in the orange jerseys.

2) Raymond Felton hates them.  That’s probably why he (coincidentally) shot 0-6 from the field against the Celtics and has been shooting around 28% from the field in the orange jerseys.

3) 8% of the Earth’s men are color blind.  That means one person on the Knicks has a VERY difficult time figuring things out when they are in the orange jerseys.  I’m not pointing any fingers though.

jr bad

There are 3 definitive reasons why the jerseys have to go.  They lost to a “rebuilding” Celtics team by 1000 points. Raymond Felton hates them and when he hates things, he refuses to make shots.  And lastly, Earl Smith might be color blind; orange is bad for the color blind.

::Someone whispers “But the Knicks are 5-9 in the other jerseys, that’s not much better”::

Yeah, the Knicks are not a good basketball team.  We can all admit that.  What you saw here was a little something that I like to call “grasping at straws.”  For the lay man, that means I BS’d everything and I’m kind of depressed.

I feel you, man.  I feel you.


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