The Lakers Are Redefining The Term “In A Pickle”

You know what they say about problems, right?  If you have nothing but problems, you actually don’t have any problems at all.  Just kidding, no one ever said that.  The Lakers are in trouble from so many different angles that it almost doesn’t make sense.

Mike D’Antoni and Pau Gasol’s relationship has taken a turn for the worst:

pau d'antoni mad

Pau had some things to say (from Bill Plaschke of the LA Times):

“The fact that I’m not getting the ball in the post affects directly my aggressiveness. When I’m not getting the ball where I want to, where I’m most effective, where I can bang guys and utilize my skill, that affects my aggressiveness and overall intensity. …

What do you think? I’m not going to say anything, but it’s easy to see. You see a guy with a certain skill set, where does it fit better, where it doesn’t.”

Mike D’Antoni caught wind and then this happened (from Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News):

“It’s also a nice excuse not to play hard,” D’Antoni said. “That’s a classic, ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.’ Well, you don’t have trouble getting up to the paystub line. You know what you need to do to get your check. You know what to do. They will. They’ll figure it out.”

“That’s one thing. They don’t want to do it that way. I understand that. That’s when you have to accept it or not. But there’s no reason not to play hard.”

Mike’s referencing paystub lines like it’s 1989, back when talks of “direct deposit” could get you burned at the stake.  He’s upset.

Hmm, I wonder what the Mamba is up to.

kobe westbrook

No way that can go wrong.

But I guess they have to do it because they literally have no point guards left on the roster.

lakers injuries

Not like the Lakers can sign anyone of value since, you know, this happened:

kobe contact

But it’s all good, Lakers fans.  Once basketball enacts a new rule where you can play offense with two basketballs and the stars align with Orion’s belt you’ll have this to deal with:

kobe melo

For the time being, I can assure we won’t be seeing these two bros for quite some time:


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