The New York Knicks Have Had An Awesome Week

First things first, the team officially deemed that it has turned things around because they stopped losing quite as much:

turning the season around

That made me laugh.  The ol’ “look guys, we’re bad, but not as bad as we were a month ago” move is as old as time itself, but fans are fed up.  They are tired of watching a misguided, unprepared team trot out there on a nightly basis and find new, creative ways to lose.

Exhibit A:  Monday night versus the Washington Wizards

  • Beno Udrih should win an Oscar for “Best impression of a flimsy door that had a foul to give but didn’t use it”
  • Carmelo shooting down Udrih’s preposterous cry for help defense and begging for the ball made everyone feel really at ease with what was about to happen.
  • Opting for the super-easy, off-balance, one-foot, three-pointer from an odd angle was probably the best shot the Knicks could have gotten in that situation.
  • Love Mike Woodson strategically holding on to THREE timeouts because there is always that slim chance that they carry over into the next game.
  • None of the statements above are true.

Exhibit B: Wednesday night versus the Milwaukee Bucks

Here is insta-reaction to the shot from the bench:

My personal favorite is Metta World Peace. It seemed like he knew what was about to happen, kind of like when a dog knows a storm is coming, but can’t communicate it to anyone.

The derp heard ’round the world.  Andrea Bargnani took arguably the worst shot in recent basketball memory.  Poor Clyde Frazier almost had a heart-attack and all Bargnani had to show for it was a mouth-piece muffled “My bad.”  Ew.  Let’s look past the fact that the Knicks were playing overtime basketball against the worst team in the league and dive into late game execution.  The team had quite a few issues last night, but two really stood out: 1)  Earl Smith Jr. needs to be stopped.  He’s lost the right to be called “J.R.” after this stunning shooting performance:

JR Smith shot chart

Maybe it’s time to stop taking threes from the left-wing, man.  This shot chart determines once and for all that Earl Smith Jr. has some sort of incriminating evidence against Mike Woodson.  First Chris Smith, now this.  Earl definitely has video/pictures of something.

But don’t worry, he was really apologetic about it.  Just kidding, he wasn’t.

jr needs to be stopped

2)  Tyson Chandler played 37 minutes last night in his first game back from a fractured fibula.  I’m no medical expert or NBA coach, but that doesn’t sound like easing someone back into the flow of things.  Mike Woodson dropped this nugget to explain himself (Source: AP):

“Chandler cramped up at the end of the game, earning him an apology of sorts from Knicks coach Mike Woodson.” “It’s a sign of not being out on the floor and running,” Woodson said. “I apologized to him — but hell, I needed him.” Hey Mike, I need a million dollars, but I’m not going to rob a bank because that’s not smart. Chandler is one of the most valuable assets on a team where valuable assets don’t really exist.  Think long-term, Mike and play small-ball. Knicks basketball can best be summed up in one tweet: tweet


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