Let’s Analyze The Houston Rockets “Clutch Air Scare” Video

The Houston Rockets had a little fun after practice and videotaped “Clutch” the inflatable bear scaring players as they walked out.

Jeremy Lin was the definition of frozen.  I don’t know if I want to see that reaction out of my floor general.  You know, from a scared-by-inflatable-bear anayltics perspective.

lin rockets

Some guys reacted the best way they knew how and punched the bear in it’s terrifying face. Shoot first, ask inflatable bear related questions last.

rockets 3 rockets 2

James Harden, by no means, was going to drop his plate of food despite how much he may have accidentally gone to the bathroom on himself.

harden rockets 4

Let’s hope that Omri Casspi’s girlfriend didn’t immediately break up with him after hearing him shriek over the phone.  I’m pretty sure the relationship ends right there.

casspi rockets 5

I think I speak for all of us when I say that I was a little nervous for Clutch here.  I feel like bad things happen immediately after side-eyes like that.

garcia 6

Dwight Howard: Take 194

dwight 8



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