Who Wins the Jordan Crawford Trade?

In case you missed it, The Boston Celtics today dealt away wildcard Jordan Crawford along with the rarely seen Marshon Brooks to Golden State, Who sent Toney Douglas to Miami, who sent Boston Joel Anthony, a 2016 second round pick and a protected first round pick the Heat acquired from Philadelphia previously.  The first round pick is protected so that Boston will only receive Philadelphia’s pick if they make the postseason one of the next two years.  If they fail to reach the postseason this season or in 2015, then the Celtics will get two future second round picks from Philadelphia.

I won’t miss this

So Who Wins this Trade?

Golden State:

Golden State gets to add a spark off the bench in Crawford, who despite being inconsistent with his shooting/attitude/shot selection, is a quality bench scorer and distributor.  Celtic’s fans really saw the two faces of Crawford this season.  He was the player of the week in the East in early December, but has since regressed into the me-first, horrible shot taking, ball hog we were told we were getting from all Warrior fans.  Regardless, he is still a quality basketball player, having the best year of his young career, and he is going into a good locker room in Golden State.  In Brooks, they are getting a player who struggles defensively, but who can put the ball in the hoop if given the chance. And they got this all for a player who just wasn’t fitting in with their system.


Miami gets a player in Toney Douglas who can play quality on ball defense and be a solid offensive player playing off the ball.  It’s a perfect fit for Douglas and Miami Alike.  What’s more is that Miami parted with a player in Joel Anthony, who’s contract for next season (3.8MM player option he will surely pick up) was going to cost the team some serious luxury tax both this season and next, and will greater allow them to keep the big 3 together. So, really it doesn’t matter who they got back, they were able to set themselves up better to retain Lebron.  The draft picks they gave up will likely all end up being second rounders.

A Toss Up:


The Celtics took on some Salary for next season in the hopes that the 76ers can make the playoffs and they will acquire the teams’ first round pick.  Worst case the C’s end up with three second rounders (2 from phili, one from Miami) and who knows how those will go.  I love the possibility of an extra first and I think Danny Ainge’s Strategy of acquiring future assets is the way to go about rebuilding. I just hope Anthony’s salary doesn’t stop us from being able to add a solid player to the mix for next season. Also to keep in mind, this trade clears up the crowded back court situation for the Celtics as Rondo comes back on Friday as well as more playing time for newly acquired Jerryd Bayless and rookie backup Phil Pressey.

Always an eye towards the future….


Pretty Much this trade looks like a win-win-win. The Celtics are really the only team taking on any risk or unwanted salary, but if Philadelphia makes the postseason one of the next two seasons, they end up the clear winner.


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