The Tumultuous 2013-2014 Timeline Of JR Smith

Let’s be honest, JR Smith did not start 2014 off on the right FOOT note.  Earl has never been a beacon of decency during his ten (yes, ten) year NBA career, but as of last year, his play was able to back up his antics.  That is currently not the case.  When you have a 11.4 PPG average and you are shooting at a 35% clip you should probably keep a low profile.  By “low profile”, I actually mean that you shouldn’t untie other player’s shoes at the free throw line after you have drawn ire from the league commissioner for doing that exact same thing days before.

How about a rundown of all JR antics as of late:


  • An assortment of debauchery that has totaled nearly $1 million in total fines, reckless driving that led to the death of the passenger, countless suspensions and literally getting kicked out of China.


  • Third strike for marijuana – suspended first 5 games of the season.
  • Proceeds to set nets on fire by shooting a blistering 33% from the floor in his return to game action in the month of November.


  • Starts playing mediocre-to-bad basketball in December, raising his shooting percentage to 37 and upping his assists to around 4 per game.
  •  He crushed this young fan’s basketball dreams:


  • Then the shoe tying started to happen.  Completely out of nowhere.

JR was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct in his best efforts to emulate Brandon Meriweather.  What did he get for all of his gnat-like troubles?  A fine for $50,000 dollars, or otherwise known as the average American salary.

  • But, ya know what?  They can’t fine you if you untie people’s shoes at the club.  Stern can’t get you there.  Plus, who uses smartphones these days?  Cameras and social media sites are SO 2013.  Amirite?!


  •  JR got benched by Mike Woodson and made this face:


  • To get back in good favor with the team, he proceeded to show up late to a team meeting and yell at Mike Woodson about being benched and the team cutting his brother.  Ya know, standard things you do to get your spot back.

This almost seems like a mirage, right?




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