Rajon Rondo: The Return

Being a Celtics fan I am very excited for Rajon Rondo to make his season debut coming off knee surgery tonight. Here are some things to look for and a collection of great links around the internet covering his return.

What to Watch For:

  • How does Rondo’s Jumper Look: Rajon Rondo was actually trending towards becoming a decent shooter before going down with a season ending knee injury last year. Throughout his career the biggest knock on Rondo’s game has been his shooting. Although he might be rusty tonight, watching the fluidity of shot should tell you a lot about whether Rondo will take the next step in his development by improving his shooting.
  • How much better will the Celtics be with him: Boston was trending towards having a top five pick in next year’s draft, will Rondo change this? Is a rusty Rondo enough to turn momentum for this team and jump back into the playoffs in a dismal Eastern Conference?
  • How will Opponents defend Rondo: For most of Rondo’s career, his inability to shoot as well as his excellent teammates caused opponents to defend him by giving him space. This defense left Rondo wide open for the majority of the shots he took, it also made it easier for him to survey the court and make any pass he wanted. Now with Rondo being the undisputed best player on his team, will opponents play him differently, making it more difficult for him to get his shot or make the pinpoint passes he is known for?
  • How has the injury effected his speed: Since Rondo came into the league he has been one of the quickest players to lace them up. Numerous times number 9 got the rebound then proceeded to beat all his opponents down the court for a lay up. WIth Rondo most likely a step slower as he recovers can he still be the one man fast break the Celtics have become accustomed to?
  • How Much is Rondo Worth: Rajon Rondo is currently in the second to last year of a deal paying him $25 Million over the next two years. Will he outplay his contract and be due for a raise in 2015? With the Celtics currently being a bottom feeder, will Rondo play well enough to garner a great return via trade?

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