Hey Kevin Durant, Whatcha Up To?

kd fire handsGet it?  His hands are fire because he’s been hitting a lot of shots lately.

Kevin Durant is your league MVP right now whether you want to believe it or not.  Yes, there is a LeBron James that still exists on this planet, but his play (and his team’s play) cannot be considered “MVP quality” at this juncture in the NBA season.  Granted, there is plenty of basketball left to be played as we are only about halfway through the season, but even the late great Johnnie Cochran couldn’t argue against this:

kd stats jan

The dude scored 36 yesterday and we called it an “off” night.  He’s going through a nickname crisis right now so we’re only going to refer to the man as “Kevin.”  Kevin is killing people out here.  I was watching the game last Friday versus the Warriors and it was one of those “He’s so hot, you have to give it to him even if he’s triple teamed and the other two defenders are shading towards him” moments.  Reggie Jackson is on track to win the Sixth Man of the Year trophy and he was passing up wide open mid-range jumpers to feed Kevin the ball with Draymond Green draped all over him.  That’s power and that’s commanding respect.  Even zanier, he’s doing all of this so damn efficiently.  Last year, Kevin had the quietest 50/40/90 season of all-time because LeBron James was conquering the Milky Way galaxy.  50% from the field.  40% from the 3pt line.  90% from the free throw line.  Legendary stuff brushed under the rug in the 2012-2013 season.  I guess Kevin decided that he needed to up the ante a little bit.  He’s rebounding and passing better than he ever has in the past.  He’s not succumbing to the overbearing pressure of putting the team on his back in the absence of Russell Westbrook (this is a testament to his teammates’ improvement).  He’s even yelling at people:


As soon as the clock struck midnight on December 31st, it is safe to assume that Kevin drank Michael’s “Secret Stuff” from Space Jam and performed knee-injury-prolonging voodoo on Russell Westbrook‘s knee.  The stars have aligned and he is having his greatest statistical season since the days of:

kd sonicsYikes.  I forgot he looked like that.  I almost want to send him $0.30 a day to make sure he’s living a sustainable life.  

This goes to show what time and experiences can do in the shaping of a superstar.  Kevin has been through it all in his NBA career.  He has been at the bottom of the league, experienced individual success, brought his team to the NBA Finals and experienced defeat at the hands of a bitter on-court rival.  Now is the next chapter of his career.  The chapter where he finally starts to spread his wings and emerge from the shadow of Mr. James.  There is no way that he can sustain this torrid pace, but as of right now, he’s finally proving why he can be categorized as the best player in the world.

Hey Kevin, heads up – when you play this way, people forget that tweets like this ever happened:

kd hookah


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