Five Players Most Likely To Be Traded

With the NBA trade deadline less than a month away  (Thursday February 20th at 3 pm) it is time to start looking at the impact players who could swing the balance of power in the NBA. Without further ado, here are the five players most likely to be traded before the deadline.

Jeff Green

Sam Smith was the first to mention a Green trade, but he was probably not the first to have the idea. Any Celtic fan who has watched Green this season knows he is miscast as a number one scoring option and promptly folding under the pressure that comes with it. Insert Green into a contender as a third option and he could make a difference come playoff time.

Possible Destinations: Detroit, Washington, Charlotte, New Orleans, Portland

Greg Monroe

First came the rumor that Monroe is a target of the Wizards (courtesy of Alex Kennedy), then came the inevitable article about the trade rumors weighing on him. Monroe is not having the best contract year, but who would, surrounded by a poorly constructed roster? It makes too much sense to trade Monroe for a wing and then kick Josh Smith to his natural power forward position.

Possible Destinations: Atlanta, Boston, Washington

Larry Sanders

LARRY SANDERS! stock has plummeted this year. After getting embarrassed in a bar fight, breaking his hand and missing 25 games Sanders isn’t exactly living up to his new $44 MM contract. But Sanders is one of the best shot blockers in the NBA, with athleticism that screams potential, if the Bucks decide to move him (like Sam Amico suggests) they will find suitors.

Possible Destinations: Sacramento, Minnesota, New Orleans, Dallas, Boston

Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young is the only player on this list to formally request a trade from his team and with the 76ers rebuilding it makes sense for them to deal him. Similar to Green expect him to flourish in an uptempo system for a contender.

Possible Destinations: Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is the only franchise player on this list, so why would the Knicks trade him? Well they probably won’t, but they absolutely should. The Knicks are currently twelves games under .500 without a draft pick or cap space to improve their team next year. Due to this, Frank Isola is hearing that he won’t re-sign. Chances are the Knicks refuse to trade him in the hopes he re-ups next year and eventually brings talent along with him, however it wouldn’t hurt them to listen to offers.

Possible Destinations: Phoenix, LA Lakers, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Minnesota


Be on the look out next week for the next five most likely to get dealt.


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