The Next Five Players Most Likely to be Traded

Danny Granger

Danny Granger was a superstar before his injury. By the time he came back it was Paul George‘s team, with Granger left as a reserve scorer. Recently it has been written that he won’t be traded, so that the Pacers can use Granger’s vacated cap space to sign Lance Stevenson to an extension. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be dealt, just that the Pacers won’t take any long term salary back. Would the Pacers consider swapping Granger, Chris Copeland and a protected pick for a first in exchange for Pau Gasol? This would clear even more cap space for next year and improve their title chances this year.

Potential Destinations: Houston, LA Lakers, Atlanta, Washington, Charlotte

Arron Afflalo

With the change in the collective bargaining agreement teams are more reluctant than ever to trade the cheap labor a first round pick supplies. A few weeks back Marc Stein reported that teams weren’t willing to give up a first for Afflalo. With the deadline fast approaching I expect playoff hungry teams to change this stance. With four potential first rounders in the 2014 draft Phoenix might be able to part with one to add a Afflalo for the stretch run.

Potential Destinations: Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Portland, San Antonio, Dallas

Pau Gasol

Some say he looks like a pigeon, some say a llama, regardless of that Gasol is a former difference maker for a championship team. Although the Lakers are holding firm to Pau in order to save up cap space for the next two years, they would be amenable to dealing him if the right situation arose. With the Lakers near the bottom of the league, Gasol could be flipped for another expiring contract and pick to help the Laker’s future.

Possible Destinations: Atlanta, Utah, Houston, Dallas

Gordon Hayward

Possible Destinations: Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston (PLEASE!)

Bill Simmons generally does seem to be pretty plugged in, to the NBA scene. So when he alludes to sources telling him the Celtics will make a play for Hayward you have to take notice.

The Jazz need to decide quickly if it is worth it for them to pay several players large money (Derrick Favors signed an extension last year) on a team that is years away from competing. If they can get a package at the deadline that will help their future and allow them to maintain financial flexibility I’m sure it will at least be discussed.

Omer Asik

Recently in a meeting with season ticket holders Daryl Morey came out and said that Asik will be with the team until his contract ends next year. If this happens it will be because Asik’s value has slipped to the point that the Rockets don’t feel they would be getting a fair return. With Asik being owed nearly $15 MM next year (only half counts against the cap) owners are reluctant to take on his salary. Still with Asik sitting out most of the year with “a bulky knee” the Rockets are getting nothing from a substantial asset, something that a team with championship aspirations can’t do.

Possible Destinations: Boston, Phoenix, Cleveland, Dallas, Minnesota


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