Fixing The New York Knicks Pt. 2

melo dirk

This picture says it all.  Such a blank, empty and defeated expression.  A look of discontent combined with the ultimate reality that nothing really matters anymore.  This, folks, is your New York Knicks more than halfway through the season.

From a writer’s perspective, I did not think that “Fixing the New York Knicks” was going to be a multi-part, potentially never-ending series.  I may be writing this on my deathbed, but dammit let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.  Here are my new and revised methods on fixing the New York Knicks.

1)      Look at the standings

knick record

Now yelp out loud once you realize you are somehow only 5 games out of the eighth seed.  How is that possible you ask?  The Eastern Conference is doing its best impression of flaming dog poop, that’s how.  Play Mr. Brightside here.  A certain % of whatever has happened this season has to be mental so view this situation with a glass half-full mentality.  This is THE year to suck, you guys!

2)      Try to avoid media interaction

I’m not going to sugarcoat it.  Things are pretty bad from a publicity standpoint.  Ray Felton stepped out on his girl, allegedly got another girl pregnant, didn’t anticipate how legally intelligent his girl was (Cornell undergrad, Fordham Law) and got caught up in a gun charge in the worst state to illegally own a gun.  That happened, we move on.  If that wasn’t enough, Carmelo Anthony is getting put into a mental pretzel any time a question about his future is asked.

 melo tweet

3)      Use your entire arsenal of players

The Knicks recently signed Shannon Brown and Earl Clark to 10-day contracts.  These NBA journeymen could have found themselves a beneficial landing spot in New York because this team is at the point where they need to try anything.  From a defensive standpoint, this team needs all the help that it can get.   Brown is an uber athlete and Clark is an athletic, long wing that can move his feet.  Use the entire roster of young and hungry players to go out and create some havoc.  What is there to lose?

4)      Put JR Smith in a muzzle

And by “muzzle”, I mean “gift-wrapped box off of the team.”  Since I know that isn’t possible at this juncture of the season, we have to make due by minimizing all negative impact.  If he’s not losing his man on defense, he’s collecting technical fouls and paying Adam Silver money.  Unless Mike Woodson is legitimately scared to bench him, please roll out the red carpet for Tim Hardaway Jr.

5)      Rededication to defense

Ray Felton has been doing his best impression of a revolving door all season, but that was ignored and made up for by Tyson Chandler in the past.  Unfortunately for Tyson, this is not the past.  Bleacher Report provided excellent analysis on why Chandler’s defense has declined.  Take a look at these graphs and charts:

tyson3 tyson1 tyson2


Kind of scary, huh?  The former defensive anchor has officially become a detriment to the team.  It brings up the basic philosophical debate: if the Knicks’ best defender is actually a bad defender and the Knicks really even playing defense at all?

I hope this is the conclusion of the “Fixing the New York Knicks” series, but let’s be honest, that’s probably not the case.



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