The Pick and Pop Roundtable: Volume V

Who wins the east?

Evan: The Miami Heat. Wade has been much better since the all star break, improving his shooting percentage and number of free throw attempts to improve his output. When Wade is getting into the lane and drawing free throws the Heat are world champions, when he is limping around the court they are not. Wade looking like he is finally returning to form means Miami will take the one seed.

Winston: Indiana.  I believe it will come down to their two remaining head to head match-ups.  If the Pacers split those games, they are in the driver’s seat.  They also have the luxury of playing a slightly weaker schedule down the stretch.  When you play the Sixers twice you can just go ahead and add two wins into the “W” column.

Andy: With their recent surge and their championship pedigree, I think Miami ends up on top in the East.  They are two games down to Indi right now, but face them twice in the final  weeks of the season.  I think Miami finds a way on top and LeBron makes a strong case to yet again be MVP. I have been so high on Indiana this season, but Paul George‘s poor shooting percentage (41 percent since ASG) have me a bit worried about the Pacers offense.

Who wins the West?

Evan: Oklahoma City Thunder, despite basketball being a team sport the best two players usually find themselves playing against each other for a championship at the end. This year LeBron James and Kevin Durant are on the track for a collision and no team in the West is going to stand in KD’s way now that he has Russell Westbrook back.

Winston: San Antonio.  Everyone is sleeping on the Spurs for what seems to be the 1 millionth straight year.  Hell, I’ve been sleeping on them.  Every year, at this point, you look at the standings and realize San Antonio is nestled right at the top.  They are deep, their older players are still producing, their younger players have improved and Pop is still Pop.  Spurs are the team to beat out west.  Again.

Andy: San Antonio.  They are just the best team in the West, with the best coach and Tim Duncan who is playing the last two seasons like he’s still in his prime. The Spurs make the game look easy. As they have done for the past 15 years, and now that the young players are improving to go along with their strong veteran presence, I think they are as dangerous as ever.  If you haven’t taken note of what Tim Duncan is doing this season (or last season too for that matter), you need to wise up. 16 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks in just under 30 minutes a game.

Has Lebron evened with Durant for the MVP title after the heats recent run and his 61 point outburst?

Evan: No Lebron has not yet caught Durant and he won’t. Lebron is the better player overall, but when voting for an MVP voters always try to go with someone new. When Durant got hot and put himself in the drivers seat, there was nothing Lebron could do to catch him because he was not the incumbent.

Winston: After a couple of stinkers down in Texas, versus Houston and San Antonio, Bron has descended back into the #2 spot.  It also helped that KD played the Sixers and scored 42 points on only 20 shots.  Unless Durant hits a large bump in the road or LeBron decides to average 50 for a week, this is Durant’s to lose.

Andy: With OKC’s recent struggles, and Miami’s recent hot streak, to go along with Lebron putting up some absurd numbers including of course his 61 point game, I think Lebron has come very close to even with KD.  KD still has the advantage, but he needs to finish strong and have OKC going strong headed into the postseason. Miami is a better team, but the voters want to crown a new MVP so Durant has the advantage if it’s neck and neck.


Besides Lebron, who’s rumored to be the lead in spacejam 2, which nba star would you most like to see in a movie?

Evan: Either DeAndre Jordan or Larry Sanders. If you do not know why, click here.

Winston: Not Blake Griffin.  I’ll start with that.  I see WAY more of him as is than I would like to see.  Since I’m sort of obsessed, I’d have to nominate the Greek Freak, Giannis Antekoumpo (not spell-checking, I’m just going with it).  The kid is so damn foreign and innocent that the movie would reek of unintentional hilariousness.  Bugs Bunny wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Andy: I’d like to see a gritty gang movie starring a sensitive but explosively violent Delonte West, who is trying to get out of the game and come to grip with the consequences his life of crime has dealt him.  Anyone? Okay so he’s not technically in the NBA, but deal with it. Lebron’s mom can co-star.


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